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Floorboards or Carpet? The Pros and Cons

"What is the best flooring for a house?"

Are you getting ready to start your very own renovation journey, but stuck wondering what is the best flooring for a house? Read along to find out some pros and cons to both options, before deciding which is best for your home.

Floorboard Pros


Floorboards are a fantastic addition to any home as they offer years of durability and class - where cared for appropriately.

To keep your floorboards in top condition and long lasting, there are a few procedures we would recommend. Firstly, we would strongly advise the use of doormats outside each entrance to your door. This is a fantastic way to prevent any dirt, grit or any other substances from being tracked inside. We also recommend the use of runners or rugs in any high traffic areas - especially if high heels or shoes likely to transport any harder substances are frequently worn - to avoid scratching your floorboards.

Other important care instructions include the use of furniture protectors for stationary furniture, as well as when looking to move any furniture. These simple additions can save a lot of hassle later down the road if you ever plan to restain your floorboards, or even try to sell your property.

Easy to Clean

One of the most popular benefits to timber flooring is it's easy to clean nature. For general upkeep, we recommend vacuuming your floorboards at least once a week, if not twice in high traffic areas. When it comes to mopping, this can be done less frequently as too much water can lead to water damage. This is why we would suggest only mopping your floors about once a month, unless you notice any visible marks or stains that need to be removed sooner. Avoid wetting your floorboards too much and simply use a damp mop or cloth for this job.

Water Resistant

While floating floorboards are not 100% waterproof, they are definitely more water resistant than carpet. Most spillages will not have any instant impact on floorboards, however, if left over a considerable amount of time it can eventually be soaked into the grain. Therefore, while floorboards are fantastic thanks to this water resistant technology, it is still important to handle your floors with appropriate cleaning measures to ensure they remain this way.

Carpet Pros

Feels Great

A top contender when weighing the pros and cons of carpet & timber flooring - is the feeling underfoot. Available in a range of different textures and styles, carpet does offer a fantastic feeling when walked on without shoes. We love the incorporation of carpet in a home either in a bedroom or lounge room, where a softer finish might be preferred. This creates a harmonious feeling in the room and enhances the intimacy of a space. However, this can be replicated by the use of a rug in areas that are currently floorboards or tiles.

Price Point

If you’re wondering, is carpet or floorboards cheaper - carpet is often the more affordable option when compared to floorboards. However, you must also consider a few other factors when it comes to pricing, such as the cost of re-carpeting every 5 - 10 years, maintenance costs such as steam cleaning and the overall value add to your home. Comparatively, timber floorboards add value to your place once you look to sell, while carpet will not. Although, that is not to say that carpet is not a fantastic flooring solution as it does offer many other benefits such as comfort, warmth and affordability.

Easy Installation

While not impossible to install yourself, like most flooring options, carpet is easily installed with help from a professional. However, if you are looking to install carpet yourself, we highly recommend following the instructions provided to you by your carpet provider.

Floorboard Cons

More Technical Installation

Although floating floorboards can still be installed by yourself, we would also recommend enlisting the help of a professional flooring installer. This is to ensure that you do not come across any errors in laying down your flooring. Timber flooring can be a bit more technical when it comes to installation due to the individual measurements of each board and the space you are working with. However, this does not mean that they cannot be cut down to size to better fit your space. When ordering flooring online, we suggest utilising our Flooring Calculator, found on each product, as it will automatically include a wastage percentage to your calculations to account for any mishaps.

Slightly More Expensive

While floorboards are often the more expensive option up front, there is a good reason for this. As mentioned above, floorboards are a long lasting investment, designed to not only last but also increase the value of your property. Floorboards are seen as an impressive detail and can often get a buyer over the line if they are well maintained and suit the style of the home. However, this is not to say all style of floorboards will break the budget. Luckily, here at The Blue Space, we offer a range of flooring options to suit your budget and style.

Premium Price Point: Australian Native Range

Budget-Friendly Price Point: Woodland Range

Carpet Cons

Not Great if Living with Hayfever & Allergies

Unfortunately, carpet can in fact house many allergens which then spread throughout your home as people walk across it. Pollen, dust and more irritants can easily make their way into your home and get stuck in your carpet where they will often stay until worked up - no matter how clean your home is. While shaggier and thick carpet is most likely to harbour large amounts of allergens, short carpet can still cause issues for those susceptible to hayfever or allergies.

While general maintenance such as vacuuming can reduce the impact of allergens, there is still a chance that people with higher sensitivities may still find it difficult living with carpet. Where possible, we recommend steam cleaning your carpet several times a year to stay on top of this.

Difficult to Clean

As mentioned above, carpet can be difficult to fully clean unless using a steam cleaner. Unlike floorboards, carpet is very absorbent so any liquids spilt must be carefully removed using more intense cleaning solutions. Another factor to consider is if you have any pets. From time to time, our pets can bring in unwanted substances or leave suspicious marks on your carpet. Again, these are marks that require instant cleaning to ensure they do not turn into stains.

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