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How To Easily Clean Your Blinds

Refresh and Restore

Blinds range in material and design so the cleaning process will vary with each different blind.

The steps below will guide you through on how to easily clean your blinds however, continued maintenance and routine dusting and vacuuming your blinds will not only save you time in cleaning dust and dirt build-up, but also help to avoid discolouration and improve the air quality and ventilation of air in your home.

Tools needed to clean blinds

Blind duster or microfiber cloth

Vacuum with brush attachment

Bucket/bowl of warm water

Mild detergent for gentle cleaning

Blind duster or microfiber cloth

Vacuum with brush attachment

Bucket/bowl of warm water

Mild detergent for gentle cleaning

Blind cleaning and maintenance

1. Prepare blinds

Make sure the blinds are fully extended before starting and that the material can be wiped down with a damp cloth. If unsure, check the manufacturer's cleaning recommendations. These steps below will refer to cleaning of most styles of blinds.

2. Dust blinds

If dusting blinds, make sure the slats are turned flat or the blind is fully extended / lowered, and dust from top to bottom. A Vacuum set on low and with a brush attachment can also be used. Do not rub any marks or stains at this stage.

3. Check blinds for marks

After dusting, or vacuuming your blinds there may be some dirt particles still on the blind. This is where you can use a damp cloth to spot remove the dirt. Be careful to not rub in one spot as this may remove the fabric coating and if using a mild detergent test it in a spot not visible prior to removing the dirt to make sure colour is not effected. Do not make fabric wet. Wipe in a circular motion without putting too much pressure on the fabric.

Cleaning each blind type

Vertical and Panel blinds

When cleaning this blind type, the slats can be left open as there is workable space in between each slat.

With learning how to clean blinds vertical, it is important to note that this blind type can be fragile so a gentle cleaning and wiping process will work best.

Roller blinds

Just make sure your blinds are fully extended before cleaning and start from the top of the blind, working your way to the bottom and repeating this process with the other side.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds can be cleaned the same way as Vertical and Panel glide blinds making sure you are gentle with the wiping process.


It's important to understand that timber and wooden materials will damage when wet, so make sure the microfibre cloth is damp when wiping and immediately dry if there’s too much moisture.

Some shutters are made in PVC and will withstand the moisture but still be gentle with the wiping process.

Roman blinds

Because roman blinds are fabric, follow only steps 1 - 3 for a simple clean., you should spot clean hard to remove dirt with a damp microfiber cloth using warm water and a mild detergent.

Motorised blinds

Because this blind type features electric components, always refer to the manufacturers maintenance instructions for your safety and to avoid costly damages.

To clean motorised blinds, dust with a microfibre cloth and vacuum with a brush attachment from top to bottom.

Blind materials

It is important to know what materials your blinds are made from so when they need to be cleaned, you know what you are working with and can determine the cleaning measures appropriate for your blinds. Some blind materials are waterproof while others are damaged with too much moisture.

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