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Michaela's Top Trending Designs, Colours, and Products

Key Design Insights
from Interior Designer, Michaela

Our in-house interior designer, Michaela, is passionate about the latest trends and innovative products that elevate bathroom design. We sat with Michaela to talk about her favourite features and brands, let's dive in!

Bold Feature Tiles


Bold feature tiles are here to stay, and I’m very excited to see all of the beautiful sage, maroon and terracotta tones popping up. Never underestimate the power of a beautiful feature wall.

Luxurious Showers


Let’s start encouraging installing a handheld shower separately from a shower head. It makes the space look much more luxurious and elegant as opposed to a traditional twin shower rail.

Importance of Lighting


Lighting should never be the last priority in a bathroom; it’s the product that sets the atmosphere for the space. A mirror with downlights is just a mirror, but a mirror with sconces or pendant lights is a statement. I am also loving a statement shaving cabinet that is both beautiful and functional.


Key Pieces for Renovation


Choose three main products in your bathroom renovation and sculpt your project around these key pieces. Think fluted freestanding bath, curved wall hung vanity, or bold statement feature tiles.

Michaela's Favourite Brands

Bao Bath

Baö introduces a new take on beautifully curated baths. The brand is dedicated to crafting stylish and elegant products for the Australian market. Having a brand that is so passionate about their craft leads me to want these products in all of my projects.


Ingrain is dedicated to elevating each space with its unique, detailed products. Designed on home soil, and manufactured from reclaimed, hand-crafted Australian timber, Ingrain products become a talking piece in any bathroom.


Phoenix products boast beautiful styles designed by Australian designers. This local insight makes their products very desirable, as they perfectly suit the market’s needs and latest colour trends. Their Brushed finishes are a favourite among designers.  

The Blue Space Tiles

Providing the confidence that they will always have the newest products on the market, and constantly scanning the world for upcoming designs. Each product is hand-packaged, ensuring they’re of the highest quality. The extensive product range makes these tiles perfect for any renovation.


Indigo products are designed to last the test of time, with electroplated and brass construction. Selecting a matte black product from this brand means confidence in a finish that will always look brand new. Their range is simple, yet on trend and at the right price points.


Nero stands out with its impressive colour matching across all products. This attention to detail ensures a cohesive and stylish look in any bathroom design, making Nero a top choice for creating a harmonious space. We love their extensive colour options across bathroom, kitchen and laundry products.

Michaela’s insights highlight the importance of selecting key pieces and trusted brands to create a stylish and functional bathroom. With her top trends and favourite brands, you can confidently embark on your next renovation project, knowing you’re making choices that reflect the latest in design and quality. Explore these trends and brands at The Blue Space to transform your bathroom into a stunning retreat.

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