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The Block 2023 | Studio | Winners Steph & Gian

Inside Studio Week

We delve back into The Block's studio bedroom room reveals this week. The judging proved exhilarating and challenging, with none of the rooms or teams entirely nailing the aesthetics and utility.

Despite having the most compact area, Steph and Gian emerged victoriously. Their space exuded a visually serene and welcoming vibe, adorned with a range of beautiful and style-led bedroom furniture products. Additionally, there was a seamless design transition from this area to their studio bathroom from Week One, giving a unified narrative to the studio.

Let’s zoom in on this season’s standout studio.

Steph & Gian: Light and Bright with Pops of Soft Colour

Basking in the warmth of the active fireplace, punctuated by striking ceiling beams and a modest partition for the bed, Steph and Gian’s creation was an epitome of comfort, elegance and design. Their choice of a luxurious bed, exquisite timber flooring, and deliberate illumination drew rave reviews: “Purely delightful!” opined Darren, and Marty chimed in, highlighting its allure to a diverse set of potential buyers. Want this champion design? Turn to The Blue Space now!

Timber Flooring

Smitten by those magnificent oak floorboards? Thanks to The Blue Space, we have created a carefully curated collection of flooring solutions ideal for your upcoming makeover. Dive into our enginneered timber flooring range and gain insights on preserving the sheen of your wooden floors with our flooring blog at Reno IQ.


Lighting remains paramount in influencing a room's design, mood, and overall ambiance. With The Blue Space, we offer a range of designer lighting options, from captivating pendants to sleek wall fixtures, each adding a unique touch. For a replication of this enchanting aura, our diverse wall lights won’t disappoint. And, for added luminance, don’t forget the use of downlights either!

Looking to learn more about lighting design? Learn more with our lighting tips blog at Reno IQ.

Wardrobe Handles

Mesmerised by those impeccable wardrobes? We've handpicked a collection of wardrobe handles, meticulously curated for your upcoming bedroom revamp. Looking to update your bedside table handles too? Dive into our recommended cabinet handles, the epitome of luxury for design-inspired interiors.

At The Blue Space, we're all about helping you recreate that magical touch in your own homes. Enchanted by Steph and Gian’s studio bedroom design? Captivated by our Mood Board, crafted in collaboration with Style Soucebook?

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