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The Block 2022 | Ensuite Bathroom Week | Winners, Omar & Oz

Ensuite Bathroom Week

Another major bathroom done & dusted on last week’s The Block hosted by Channel 9!

Wanting to create your own luxury country home? This handy blog goes into detail around the beauty of a contemporary style alongside similar products used so that you can recreate the look within your own space.

*All images are sourced from Channel 9's, The Block | @channel9 @theblock

Omar & Oz: A Sophisticated Retreat

With a stunning outlook thanks to two gorgeous french doors, this ensuite sits in a prime position within the house and was fitted with a perfect layout to match. With the judges’ comments favouring their gorgeous walk through shower, divided by a freestanding wall and vanity, this look creates a sense of privacy and luxury. Overall we’re loving all of the contemporary touches and simple nods to the farmhouse style, and are ready to assist in your next bathroom renovation today!

*All images are sourced from Channel 9's, The Block | @channel9 @theblock

*All images are sourced from Channel 9's, The Block | @channel9 @theblock

The Walk Through Shower

Arguably one of the most stunning features in this bathroom, the walk through shower offered a luxury finish to this space with a bench seat to complete the look. With two gorgeous brass double shower heads, this is the ultimate shower layout for an ensuite bedroom often shared by a couple. Pair all of this back with the perfect shower niche complete with strip lighting to really set the mood.

*All images are sourced from Channel 9's, The Block | @channel9 @theblock

The Vanity

Add a touch of warmth to your bathroom with a gorgeous timber vanity. Without too much treatment or colouring, this attractive timber works beautifully against the brass finishes throughout the rest of the space. Complete the look with simple his & hers above counter basins, mimicking the twin showers behind. Similar to the judges’ comments, we appreciate the face level storage thanks to this stunning yet simple shaving cabinet. One thing we would add to this space is a wall sconce or two to asist in close up tasks such as applying makeup.

*All images are sourced from Channel 9's, The Block | @channel9 @theblock

The Tub & Taps

Another statement piece by the boys! A circular bathtub is the perfect solution for this bathroom, with the ultimate position between these gorgeous french doors. As Darren mentioned, this is the perfect ‘couple tub’ with prime viewing from every angle when shared. Once again the boys favoured a stunning freestanding bath mixer that works beautifully with the taps chosen above the vanity. Finish this space with stunning sheer curtains, adding a touch of luxury and opulence throughout the room. Don't forget the unforgettable - check out our range of Caroma toilets to complete the look!

Stay in the know

Keep up to date with all things The Block as we continue to unpack the room reveals each week. Stay tuned as we explore the master bedrooms and walk in robes!

*All images are sourced from Channel 9's, The Block | @channel9 @theblock

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