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The Ultimate Guide To Bath Tubs

The Guide To Bath Tubs

Baths can easily become a statement piece in your bathroom renovation. Now that it’s time to pick a bath for your bathroom renovation you may be asking yourself where do I start? The good news is we are here to help! The Blue Space are the leading online destination for quality baths featuring quality brands such Caroma, Seima, Clark, Fienza, DecinaForme and ADP.

The Blue Space has a wide range of styles including oval or rectangular to suit your bathroom renovation, and you can shop online for a range of materials including steel, solid surface and the most popular acrylic. Picking the perfect bath for your blue space is actually easy than it seems with our easy guide below:

Freestanding baths

Freestanding baths are the hero piece in your bathroom renovation and will make your bathroom feel more like a sanctuary. Giving your space an instant sense of luxury and relaxation, a freestanding bath tub is the way to go in almost any bathroom where space is available.

If you are tight on space and still looking for a luxurious finish, try the back-to-wall freestanding baths that can be installed up against the rear wall.

Shower baths 

Shower baths are perfectly suited where space in your bathroom renovation is at a premium. Featuring extra wide widths and more grip in the base, these baths are ideal for standing and showering when an additional shower head is installed.

Steel baths

Steel baths are known for quality and strength, being built to last. Caroma steel baths are no exception, designed and crafted to out last your bathroom, these baths are the ultimate choice.

The shell is a seamless rigid steel pressing, a strong durable material that won’t flex or bend so the shape is permanent with a non-porous, glass hard porcelain enamel finish which provides a hygienic, scratch and stain resistant surface.

Built-in baths

Built in baths or inset bath are perfect for almost any bathroom renovation design, from minimalist to family functional. Choose from either an island bath, which sits away from the wall in a tiled hob or a four tile flange bath which is installed right against the wall, with wall tiles covering the edge (flange). Built-in baths are also one of the most popular baths sold in Australia today.

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