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We Are Triibe X The Blue Space – 3 Ways To Incorporate Gunmetal Tapware Into Your Space

Earthy Scheme

Introducing an element of masculinity into your space is key when working with a colour scheme that is often described as feminine. Whilst this warm, earthy clay based terracotta colour brings a sense of warmth and welcoming ambience to the room, injecting a courageous contrast with gunmetal tapware may be what your space needs to create a statement. This up-and-coming gunmetal colour sits within the bronze family – made up of tin, copper and zinc, and has an ability to reflect other tones and colour depending on its surroundings.

In an environment such as the image below, the warmer and brassier tones within the tapware are brought out complimenting this dusty scheme, presenting a subtle solution for creating a gender-neutral functional space.

Dark Scheme

If you’re interested in creating a moodier feel for your bathroom, finding varying hues within the darker tones will help create levels of depth within a room – whilst sticking to a caliginous scheme. Whether it is a slate tile, dark flooring or stone finish walls – your fixtures are the elements that will pull it all together. This time, the gunmetal colour will pick up on the darker shades within the room, allowing more of the tin hue to come out creating a cooler palette adding a masculine influence.

Light Scheme

Keeping an all white scheme never gets old, let’s be honest – but it can be seen as ‘playing it safe’ and that’s why in this case, your fixtures are what will define your bathroom. Finding tapware that adds an element of contrast is the answer you’re after, but sometimes a strong black is too much of a statement, so why not consider taking one step back – to gunmetal that is.

Contrary to the terracotta and darker scheme, this gunmetal colour will really come out to play – showcasing the bronze tones, which will soften the statement in this all-white space.

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