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Avenir image of a bathroom with a matte black towel ladder and matte black tapware

Where did all the plastic towel rails go?

So if you have been browsing The Blue Space, looking for apricot or ivory plastic bathroom accessories, then you’re in the right place; the perfect place for a bathroom overhaul! Banish the pastel and embrace beautiful chrome, matte black and metallic hues.

Coloured plastic accessories are definitely a thing of the past (… and good riddance!) with brands moving to chrome or colour-plated metals instead. They are much more durable, long-lasting and have greater resistance to the inevitable moisture and humidity present in bathrooms. And, let’s be honest, they also look much better and match your tapware and other bathroom accessories.

The right accessories can make a bathroom — make sure that you think in advance about your accessories and choose matching ones in the same brand, colour (or shade of metal/chrome) and style story. Mostly you can choose shower heads, tapware, shower rails, mixer taps, toilet paper holders and any other accessories you need in the same style story and colour way from a brand, which makes it very easy to create a continuity of style in your bathroom. If you are mixing and matching between brands, make sure you are careful and consistent to choose the same or very similar colour and styles. Having mismatched metal colours or hugely jarring style differences will not result in a beautifully-finished bathroom.

Well chosen and correctly placed accessories not only make a bathroom visually, but they can make life easier in the bathroom. If everything is intuitively where it needs to be, it will increase the efficient functioning of the room. It also keeps everything neat and tidy, like a toothbrush holder fixed to the wall or a spare toilet roll holder (never run out of toilet paper in the middle of the night again!).

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