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Cheap ain’t always cheerful: Why you can’t beat quality tapware at The Blue Space

Cheap ain’t always cheerful: Why you can’t beat quality tapware

Most people think taps are merely functional. Of course that part IS fairly important — everyone hates the sound and inconvenience of a leaky tap, or a handle that keeps falling off — but they can be a practical necessity that plays an important style element in your bathroom. While it is true you can buy cheap tapware that might last for a short while, buying quality taps will save you time and money in the long run.

Here’s some reasons why you can’t beat quality tapware:

  • Taps are often thought to be all the same, however, they definitely are not. Next time you are looking at taps pick them up and feel the weight, to quote Boris the Blade (from the movie Snatch, 2000), “Heavy is good, weight is a sign of reliability”. Quality tap manufacturers use only the best material and don’t scrimp on brass, copper or chrome-dipping techniques to ensure the tap lasts and the finish doesn’t prematurely age.
  • While Mixer taps are all the craze right now, you can still pick up some very trendy three piece taps to replace existing old and tired taps, for a quick fix and without needing to buy a new basin.
  • If you’re not doing a whole bathroom renovation at this stage — or maybe you are selling and want to improve a few key pieces in your bathroom quickly — updating your tapware to quality fittings and modern designs can have a massive visual impact for a relatively low cost. Win-win!
  • What’s inside does count! A quality cartridge (the thing that controls the water flow) can avoid water hammer in pipe work (that’s the loud bang that happens when you turn a tap off in older homes) as well as control both water flow and temperature much easier than cheaper tapware.
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