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Seima Toilet in a Bathroom with Timber Finish Cabinetry

Seima, part of the great Australian plumbing story

Seima is a wholly-owned Australian company that designs products to be manufactured to the specific needs of the Australian market, and are one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of plumbing products.

The product range includes toilets, stainless steel kitchen sinks, ceramic basins as well as designing and manufacturing custom products for specific projects.

Part of the great Australian story of hard work, enterprise, ingenuity and quality workmanship, Seima has some excellent products that are both currently on the market, and that are upcoming.

A key part of their upcoming range is Seima’s new rimless toilets, due on the market in late 2015. By removing the toilet rim that exists on conventional toilets and re-engineering the flushing process, Seima’s design team have created toilets that they assert are, “more hygienic, have a more powerful and efficient flushing system, and are easier to clean than conventional toilets”.

Seima have also invented a new type of glaze, Seima NanoGlaze, a coating that is baked into the ceramic of the toilet bowl or pan on the Seima Rimless toilet range, to enhance hygiene and cleanliness. This glaze is very smooth, over six times smoother than ordinary glaze, and this coating helps resists grime and bacterial build-up. Containing a silver/zinc compound, the glaze helps reduce harmful bacteria (like Staphylococcus Aureus and Escheruchia Coli, or E.Coli) by over 95%. A toilet that cleans itself? What’s not to love?!

In addition, Seima ensure that they incorporate technology into their products without compromising on design. The Seima baths come with the special feature of built-in overflow with a polished stainless steel exit. The overflow does not affect the designs of the baths as they still have elegant lines and contours with the added luxury of thin walls. Check out the Gyali, Liadi and Plati Freestanding Baths to see the perfect combination of sophistication and functionality.

To find out more, visit the Seima site.

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