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Caroma Invisi Toilet

The Caroma signature, inspiring Australians for over 70 years

Chances are, every Australian has used a Caroma product in some way, such is its legacy and popularity.

Caroma is one of the largest bathroom companies in Australia. It is an iconic Australian brand that is still going strong, 70 years later. It has won countless awards for design, innovation and sustainability.

It all started back in 1941 when South Australian Charles Rothauser invented the world’s first all-plastic, one-piece moulded cistern. It was designed to work with Adelaide’s corrosive water, which rusted the brass fittings of the time. Its success was immediate and Charles changed the company name.

The product design team brings together highly-talented individuals to continue to create inspired bathroom solutions and designs. Often setting the trend and the bar in the market, in terms of design, function and innovation. This is largely due to Caroma evolving their designs along with the taste of Australia.

Caroma continues to revolutionise Australian bathrooms by introducing products that have better functions or intriguing style. A more recent design saw the introduction of Caroma’s patented Orbital® Technology, which comes standard for Caroma back to wall toilet suites. It was designed to overcome installation exclusivity for wall faced toilets, by extending the toilet set out to a 50mm radius. Making the plumber’s job easier and increasing the range of options available when choosing a toilet suite.

They have also recently launched the Contura mixer range, which was designed to deliver a pure and honest aesthetic to match a range of bathroom styles. The range was engineered to provide a signature look with a long lifespan, setting a new benchmark for simplicity and luxury in any bathroom.

Decades on, Caroma remains an innovative and quintessentially Australian brand. This company continues to provide world-class, quality products in the Australian market.

To find out more, visit the Caroma site.

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