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Instant Ship, 1,000 products dispatched same day*
All That is Gold Does Not Glitter – Brushed Gold

All That is Gold Does Not Glitter – Brushed Gold

Have you ever tossed between staying up to date and contemporary, or remaining heritage in design?

Phoenix Tapware’s new range of brushed gold finishes has created the perfect innovation for you.


“The warm tone of our Brushed Gold finish is characterised by the soft lines across its surface and it’s soft metallic hue. It’s a modern spin on the traditional gold tapware finish and can be paired with other soft metallic finishes, or black and pastel colours, in a contemporary scheme. “


The way the brushed gold is created is through plating onto brass parts, producing optimum durability and surface finishes. The parts are firstly placed in a bath of Nickel to protect the brass and provide corrosion resistance. The final appearance is achieved by bathing the part in a pigmented chrome solution.


Tips on cleaning Phoenix Tapware!

  • Use warm soapy water and/or a soft cloth. Microfiber polishing cloths are ideal! However you can also use white vinegar and paper towel to polish your tapware.
  • NEVER use abrasives to clean Phoenix’s products! (Bleach, harsh chemicals, cream cleaners, citrus based products, scouring powders, pads)


This timeless classic, has made a come back and has proven to be one of the trendiest colour finishes of today. Brushed gold tapware is the perfect look for any contemporary bathroom. By adding a simple touch of greenery to the picture, you can achieve that classical, elegant look we all strive for. Gold is the new neutral.



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