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Mix it up: why you can’t live without a pull-down sink mixer

Mix it up: why you can’t live without a pull-down sink mixer

Did you know that the kitchen sink tap is the most used fixture in the home?

We believe that once you have used and experienced a pull-down sink mixer in your kitchen, you won’t ever go back to a standard tap — and you will probably install one in your laundry as well!

So, just what is the big deal? Gather in, friends, and listen up for these morsels of wisdom will make your kitchen experience SO much more efficient in terms of food washing and preparation, a breeze for the kids to help, and makes your sink pretty much splash-free (except for when the three-year-old grabs the hose when he’s “helping”, spraying you with it unexpectedly — but hey, we can’t promise everything!).

Just a few of the benefits of a pull-down sink mixer:

  • It’s easier to wash the dishes (and let’s face it, there are still dishes and pots to be washed even if you have the best dishwasher on earth);
  • It’s easier to rinse the sink after using it for messy jobs like, for example, cleaning dirt-encrusted potatoes (Tenuously-linked side note: Did you know these potatoes are often the freshest, since the layer of dirt works to insulate them? Yep. Don’t say we never taught you anything!);
  • These taps are great for children because since the handle pulls down, they can reach it a lot easier, which means mummy or daddy can have some kitchen helpers for meal times;
  • These mixers make the most of a double sink and gives you flexibility between both sink bowls;
  • Preparing food is a breeze as the pull-down feature makes washing and cleaning very easy and splash-free. Add in the clever combination of sinks that have additional features that fit in, like cutting boards and colanders, and you will have a kitchen sink that chefs will envy!

Check out some of our favourite pull-down sink mixers by Phoenix, Dorf, Caroma and Methven.

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