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Need products now? Shop 1000s of products from our Instant Ship range

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Every Laundry Room Needs These Products

Every Laundry Room Needs These Products

If you are looking for laundry renovation ideas to suit any space, then The Blue Space has you covered.

Your laundry is where the busiest work in the home happens, so designing it to be functional and beautiful will pay off through years of use. Choose quality stainless steel or ceramic laundry sinks that will last the test of time and are easy to keep clean, combined with a pull down mixer tap will make washing those bulky items, pets or clothes a breeze.

Make sure your brand new laundry room has the following products, and it will serve you for years to come:

Laundry tub and cabinet

With a huge 70L capacity, this tub and cabinet combination is great for a large family, washing dogs or for odd jobs around the home. Choose a design which also features a built in basket waste which is handy to have in the laundry and ensures you never lose the plug again.


Pull down sink mixer

A pull down sink mixer is essential in every blue space, since you can easily modify it to suit your current surroundings. It’s a great asset to have in your laundry, since you can easily use it to your advantage.

Jovian’s intense lines and distinctly European looking design will transform your brand new laundry into the creative space you want it to be. As a bonus, look for pull down sink mixers with a Solid Brass Construction which will surely outlive your laundry for years of use.

Washing machine stops

Add some old-style glamour to your laundry room by accessorising it with your favourite tapware. With a solid brass construction, and high quality chrome finish, this type of tapware is ideal for everyday use.

Laundry sink

Where would the laundry be without the laundry sink?

When it comes to finding the perfect laundry sink for your blue space, it’s all about working with the space you have. For those who need to maximise on space and don’t want something too over the top, Seima Laundry Sinks are the perfect contender (and rightfully so, since it’s one of the most popular brands on our website!).

Boasting deep bowls which are ideal for all uses, including washing dogs, filling buckets or an ice chest for your next BBQ, the laundry sink can do it all – and do it well!

Make the most of what you currently have in your disposal, and add essential elements to your blue space to keep it function for the family, and looking good at the same time. Invest in products which will last the test of time, rather than making regular purchases which appear cost-efficient, but constantly need tweaking and lots of upkeep.

Shop now at The Blue Space to start your journey to a beautiful new laundry.

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