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Bathroom Renovation Rescue: The Ultimate How To Guide

Bathroom Renovation Rescue: The Ultimate How To Guide

Ahh, a stunning bathroom with beautiful fixtures and fittings, a place to relax and enjoy; somewhere that as you look around it, you love every inch of it… But thud, your daydream hits the ground, reality comes in and you realise; a) You’ve never done bathroom renovations before and you wouldn’t know where to start; b) You’re time-poor and distracted; and c) You’re too busy to even have a c).

Thankfully, all is not lost, this dream CAN become reality, but to achieve the end result of your dream bathroom — to your taste and colour palette, with everything exactly where and how you want it — you have to work backwards and start with a budget, and a plan.

Plan Ahead
One of the most common issues faced when renovating a bathroom are the unexpected delays. Whether it be the unearthing of problems in your space, trade delays or product availability. Always make sure to plan ahead, especially if you have a tight schedule for completing your renovation. Obtaining your fitting and materials earlier than when your trades are supposed to begin will ensure you’re ready to go come renovation day.

Set a budget
First things first. You need a budget and a plan for what you want to achieve in your bathroom. Some things to consider include things that will effect your cost:

  • Changing the location of plumbing will alter your costs considerably. Do you really need to move plumbing fittings?
  • Is there any existing water or structural damage? This, too, can add to your overall costs.
  • Are you planning to put a heavy bath in? This could require extra structural work that further adds to your costs.

Who will use your bathroom?
A big factor in planning your bathroom renovation will be who will use your bathroom. Are you a young family with more babies planned? Is it a family bathroom for teenagers? Is it an ensuite for just the two of you now that the kids have finally moved out? These factors will all influence how you design your bathroom, and your choice of fixtures: for example, if the bathroom is for a couple, you may desire a double vanity with two sinks, a double mirror and a luxurious double shower — whereas a young family may choose the practicality of a bathtub and a smaller vanity.

What bathroom styles do you like?
Planning is key. After factoring in who will predominantly be using your bathroom, you will want to imagine your space and look into trends and what is available and suits your tastes. Do you want a modern/contemporary style, a minimalist approach or is a more traditional bathroom – complete with clawfoot bath — more to your taste? Don’t forget to ask the opinion of friends, your partner, people who have done a bathroom renovation before – often there is great advice to be found in asking around! Then create your space by looking into bathroom packages – The Blue Space has some great ideas on Bathroom Packages, for an all-in-one place to buy your new bathroom.

Buy your products
Next up, buy your products and make sure they match and complement each other, for a harmonious end result (nobody wants a mismatched bathroom – the horror!). It’s a good idea to pick products in this order, so that you can work from the colour and style of your tile choice (the most dominant element in the room) and everything else can flow from that.

If you are a bit overwhelmed, time-poor, find it hard to make decisions on multiple elements — or just can’t be bothered with the details and want a gorgeous bathroom in one click, take a look at our Styles  page for some inspo!

Book your trades
So you’ve picked all your products and ordered them, and they are winging their way to you from The Blue Space. Now the fun truly begins! At this point, you need to organise tradespeople to complete your new bathroom. The trades you will need include:

  • Plumber
  • Tiler
  • Painter (unless you are doing this yourself)
  • Electrician
  • Builder (if any structural work needs doing)
  • Water-Proofer (This is an essential thing to get right and not cut corners with, so make sure you get someone recommended; speak to your plumber, they may know someone whose work they can vouch for and recommend)
  • Shower screen installer (The Blue Space offers completely installed Shower Screen Packages From Stegbar, making your bathroom renovation one step easier)
  • Interior designer, if you want to get a professional opinion on the design of your space.

You can even go on Trade Busters who will help you find the prefect trades for your reno!

The work begins
Grab your hardhats, it’s demolition day! Construction of your new dream bathroom usually begins with demolition of your existing bathroom and then work proceeds in this order:

  1. Any structural work needed or water damage repairs (builder)
  2. Moving of plumbing if required or any behind the wall fit-outs or drainage (plumber & sometimes builder needed)
  3. Electrical work/repair if needed — don’t forget exhaust fans and lights
  4. Waterproofing — as mentioned above, this is critical to get right so use a recommended, qualified professional
  5. Bath installation — if it is a Free-Standing bath, this could also be after tiling
  6. Tiling, grouting, painting — this all happens at the same stage
  7. Installation of Vanities, Toilets, Taps, Showers, Mirror, and Accessories
  8. Electrical fit-out
  9. Shower screen installation

Are you looking for bathroom inspiration? Take a look at our Instagram Page for bathroom ideas.

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