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Manovella's Guide to Choosing Door Handles

Manovella are a leading supplier of beautifully designed door handles for your home. We spoke with Manovella to share their 6 tips when choosing door handles for your home.

1. Retrofitting

Are you replacing your doors, or keeping your existing ones? If your doors are in good condition, we suggest removing one of your existing handles to see what holes are exposed in your existing door and decising to retro-fit (replace). When it comes to door handles in Australia, there are two common rose (base plate of the door handle) sizes:

Small Rose: Rose size between 50mm - 55mm in diameter. These types of installations will usually have three small holes through the door (one for the spindle and two for the fixing screws).

Large Rose: Rose size between 63mm - 65mm in diameter (sometimes larger). These will retrofit in place of an existing bore hole of 50m-54mm.

As a rule of thumb you generally want your rose diameter to be at least 10mm larger than your the diameter of the hole in your door. This will prevent the door handle "sinking" in to the bore hole.

2. Finish

The most exciting part of choosing new door handles - choosing the finish, or colour.

Door handles are becoming the perfect statement item in homes across Australia, with people basing their choice of fixtures off of their chosen door handle so it's important to get a finish you'll love looking at every day.

Satin Brass and Matt Black have rapidly become the most popular finishes on the door hardware scene and this popularity doesn't show any signs of slowing down. Our favourite Manovella door handles in Satin Brass and Matte Black are the Fairhaven and Hamilton Collections.

Pair your door handles with thier beautiful range of cabinet handles to really tie this look in throughout the home.

3. How is the finish applied?

When talking door handles, the two most common methods for applying the finish are electroplating and powder coating.

While there are benefits to both of these applications, electroplating provides a stronger, harder and more durable finish that can prevent scratches from rings on your fingers or keys in your hand. That;s why, Manovella handles are electroplated, for premium longevity.

Electroplated door handles also offer great long term wear and corrosion resistance when compared to powder coated door handles

4. Function

Consider where in your home these door handles are going to be installed.

Do you want the ability to privacy lock your bedroom and bathroom doors? If so, you definitely want to consider a door handle that provides both a passage and privacy option - These are called Privacy Handles.

Passage sets are perfect for doors that do not require the ability to lock, this style of door handle is perfect for children's bedrooms, living areas, laundries, playrooms, offices and hallway doors.

Cavity Sliders are a great choice for sliding doors throughout the home. Cavity sliders are available in passage and privacy options.

Dummy sets are handles that only require the ability to open and close the door, such as pantries or linen cupboards.

5. Warranty

The last thing you want is to spend a large amount of money on new door handles only to find that you need to replace within a couple of years.

High quality door handles should come with a minimum 10 year mechanical warranty. If your supplier of door handles can offer you this then you know you're buying a good quality product from a reputable seller who backs their goods.

Manovella door handle sare backed by a 10 year mechanical warranty and a 1 year finish guarantee.

6. Budget

We understand that sticking to a budget during a renovation can be tough, but investing in good quality door handles can save you having to replace them in the near future.

There are plenty of cheaper options on the market, but once you do a bit of research you'll quickly realise why these are so much cheaper than most reputable door handle brands in the market. All you need to do is hold one of these cheap door handles in your hand to realise it's not made from any type of solid material. The finish will also most likely corrode after very limited use.

There are also some door handles on the opposite end of the scale which can set you back upwards of $300 per set of door handles which can add up very quickly when replacing every handle in your house.

While the most important thing is to find door handles that fit within your budget and that you love the look and feel of, we believe that the $50 - $150 price range will get you a great quality product that should last you until your next renovation

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