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Nood Co's Commitment to Sustainability

Working towards Carbon Neutral

Nood Co are leading the way when it comes to sustainability. To offset their carbon footprint, Nood Co have joined Carbon Postive Australia's Tree Planting Programme. This means, with the sales of each basin, Nood Co will donate towards the replanting of trees to bushfire affected areas in Australia.

Omission of VOC's & Portland Cement

Nood Co have responded to the increased concern of the environmental effects of the production of Portland Cement by removing this from their concrete composition.

Sustainable practices are paramount at Nood Co, from the prototype through to delivery. Each step of the manufacturing process as been modified with a sustainable view.

85% of Nood Co's concrete composition and packaging material is sourced from within Australia, including the finest sand grades and admixes.

Eco Friendly

Zero VOC
All Nood Co products are manufactured with a zero VOC concrete composition, zero VOC colouring system and sealed in a food-safe, UV stable, extremely low VOC sealer. The final product is waxed in a pure natural beeswax polish, ensuring a 100% non-toxic, safe interaction for the end user.

Eliminating Waste
Nood Co consumes only the supplies and resources required to manufacture the end product. Nood's unique manufacture system creates a 97% affirmed product pass-through rate, ensuring a less than 3% waste rate.

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