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Due to high demand and COVID-19 we are experiencing some delivery delays
Due to high demand and COVID-19 we are experiencing some delivery delays

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Behind The Wall Toilets

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Behind The Wall (Concealed) Toilets

Behind the wall, also known as in wall or concealed toilet suites can make your bathroom renovation stand apart from the rest, while also saving you space. The great thing about these toilets are they feature a hidden cistern, either in the wall, in a roof cavity or under a counter, meaning less space is taken up in your bathroom. You can also choose from a range of quality buttons to suit your style and if you are worried about the future serviceability, don’t be, they have been engineered to access everything a plumber needs from the button panel.

Two Important Tips For Buying A Concealed Toilet

Waste Trap Type

You can install either a wall hung or wall faced pan with a concealed cistern. Wall hung toilets are suitable for only P-trap installation and wall faced toilets come standard with universal traps so they are suitable for either an S or P trap installation.

Cistern Location

Always consult your plumber before buying a concealed toilet. They will need to check where they can locate the cistern and ensure there is enough room and the correct support structure for your cistern.