Thermogroup 4 Bar Thermorail Matte Black Straight Round Heated Towel Ladder

by Thermogroup
  • Warm up your towels with this gorgeous matte black heated towel rail 
  • Multiflex wiring means there is a connection point on both the left and right side of the rail and the lead can be connected to either side 
  • As a dry electric element rail, the rail can be mounted either way up meaning the wiring can be from any of the 4 mounting points
  • Quality 304 grade stainless steel material with matte black powder coating
  • 4 bars allows plenty of room for towels and clothes
  • 54 watts output
  • 240v 
  • Can be hard wired or plugged in
  • IP55 Safe for use in bathrooms
Colour Black
Shape Rounded
Warranty Highlight 7 Year Warranty
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