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Colourful Bathrooms

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Colourful Bathrooms

With all of us spending more time at home over the past couple of years, our homes have had to take on more roles. Where we would normally have experienced visual and tactile stimulation in our exterior environments, our homes have had to provide opportunities for both motivation and relaxation.

Our homes have become an extension of our own unique personalities. They have been filling up with plants, accent pieces and colourful bathroom accessories to brighten the everyday since spending more time at home. Explore our colour bathroom ideas, to find those unique pieces that compliment your individual style and taste. As our bathrooms are traditionally the most private spaces in our homes, these are the spaces where our personality and unique taste and style can truly be reflected.

In this collection you will find colourful basins, colourful vanities and an array of bathroom colour combinations that will not only excite your senses but enable you to design a uniquely individual space. Whether you prefer pastel touches or vibrant and bold statements, this collection offers you the creative flare you have been searching for when designing your new space. Pair back with simple, neutral tones if painting or tiling to enhance your colour palettes overall mood.