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Business as usual, see our COVID-19 update or call our Australian team (02) 9674 1000
Business as usual, see our COVI-19 update.

ADP Cabinet Finishes

White Polyurethane (Gloss or Matte)

Polar White (Silk)

Parchment Nuance (Textured)

Distressed Wood Ravine (Textured)

Milton Moon Grey Polyurethane (Matte)

Chalky Teak Nuance (Textured)

Concrete Formwood Riven (Textured)

Seasoned Oak Riven (Textured)

Gesso Lini (Silk or Natural)

Washed Knotty Ash Riven (Textured)

Classic Oak Nuance (Textured)

Rural Oak Riven (Textured)

Prime Oak Woodmatt (Textured)

Sublime Teak Riven (Textured)

Tasmanian Oak Woodmatt (Textured)

Notaio Walnut Ravine (Textured)

Cherry Riftwood Nuance (Textured)

Antico Oak Woodmatt (Textured)

Tawny Linewood Nuance (Textured)

Delana Oak Chalk (Textured)

Rocco Lini (Silk or Natural)

Aged Walnut (Textured)

Cherished Wood Riven (Textured)

Truffle Lini (Silk or Natural)
Smoke Elm (Textured)

Blackened Linewood Nuance (Textured)

Domain Nuance (Textured)

Espresso Ligna Nuance (Textured)

Black Nuance (Textured)

Black Polyurethane (Matte only)

Non-Standard Cabinet Finishes

Can't find the finish you're looking for? We can source cabinet finishes for you. Please note, Special Colours attract a $345 surcharge per vanity unit or cabinet, and an extended lead time (10 business days additional)