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Renovating your bathroom is an exciting transformation. To help you get started on your bathroom renovation journey, we have put together a space where you can gather ideas and inspiration. Find planning tips, design ideas and product knowledge to plan the perfect reno.


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The kitchen is the heart of the home, and a space that most of us use everyday. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen, you've come to the right place! We have put together practical guides and helpful templates to ensure your new kitchen is perfectly suited to your lifestyle and budget.


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Once a room you would hide from the world, the laundry is fast becoming one of the most popular rooms to renovate. Turn a tired area into something beautiful with help from our articles on practical layouts, design tips and new storage ideas to get the most out of your laundry space.

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The Blue Space x We Are Triibe

Three Ways To Style Your Bathroom

"At We Are Triibe we belive your home is your sanctuary, a place to unwind and feel happy in. Bathrooms and kitchens play a huge role in how they may impact your happiness and wellbeing, and because of this, we are so excited to work with The Blue Space to create unique and innovative ideas on how people can transform and optimise their space."

What Is A Rimless Toilet?

Toilet Knowledge

Rimless toilets are the latest toilet innovation to be introduced to the Australian market. So what does it all mean? We describe the difference between the traditional boxed rim toilet (what you probably have now) and the latest in toilet technology for easier cleaning.

Top Tips to Maximise a Small Space

Bathroom & Kitchen

A small bathroom or kitchen can sometimes seem like the bane of your existance when trying to plan an epic renovation. While it can be difficult to fit grand plans into a small space, it can be done, and done really well! Here's our top tips for maximising a small space.

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We love working with Australian magazines and tv programs to bring you the very best reno tips, product options and home inspiration. Check out our features with Sky News, Home Beautiful, Interiors Addict, Huffington Post, Inside Out, 7 News and Better Homes and Gardens.