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The Difference Between Rimless and Boxed Rim Toilets

Why rimless is the way to go

Rimless toilets are the latest design to be introduced to the Australian market but has been very popular in Europe for the last six years and has been tried and tested.

A rimless toilet design simply means the inside rim has been removed. The benefits of a rimless toilet is that they are more hygienic for you and your family as now the rim is removed, there are no where for germs to build up. Something we always get asked is if there is splash when flushing, and you’ll be happy to know there isn’t. All rimless designs have an innovative flushing system that directs the water around the contours of the pan.

Not only is the rimless designs better for hygiene, less cleaning detergent is good for both your family and the environment.

A traditional boxed rim toilet pan, is where there are a number or holes around the rim to release water when flushed.

Best Selling Rimless Toilets

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