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Reno Style Guides


The Hamptons style is luxurious and exquisitely detailed. If you're looking for a style that is timeless, then a Hamptons home is perfect for you.

Country Farmhouse

Country style brings a real sense of timelessness to your home. If you're looking for a style that is full of character, our country farmhouse collection is for you!


Modern minimal style conveys the message of simplicity. Just imagine beautiful, subtle detailing, slender designs and muted pops of colour.


A scandinavian home is designed with minimalism and practicality in mind. The spaces are simple, clean, functional and full of charm.


Coastal homes draw inspiration from the beautiful beaches of Australia. They should be sleek, recognisable and clearly defined. Make every day feel like a beach holiday!

Modern Industrial

The industrial style incorporates exposed pipes, brick and various materials. You don’t need to live in a converted warehouse to steal some industrial style!


Japandi interior design blends the modern lines of scandi design, with the sleek elegance of Japanese aesthetic - creating a unique fusion between the two styles.


Traditional style homes are elegant, luxurious and timeless. The key to perfecting this style is to unite traditional decor with modern technology and amenities.


Mediterranean interior design is earthy, ornamented and refreshing. Think whitewashed walls, natural accessories, and lots of light.


A boho home incorporates textured textiles, organic shapes and materials, earthy tones and a ‘more is more’ attitude. This trend focuses on creating an indoor oasis.

Black Decor

If done right, a black inspired colour scheme will be both striking and timeless as it’s a colour that will never go out of style. Black will always have your back!

Mid Century Modern

A mid century modern home brings a relaxed & tailored design. It’s a classic vibe that refers to the resurgence of design trends, but in a fresher & more modern way.

Art Deco

An art deco space is both captivating & nostalgic. The distinguishing features of this style are simple shapes, bold patterns, rich colours and anything that feels exuberant.


Our homes are our private sanctuary's, and are the perfect places to start adding colour to your life - allowing your personality to shine!

Antique & Vintage

Vintage interior design creates a warm, inviting and charming space. Weathered and distressed pieces won’t feel out of place, but instead are welcomed with open arms.


Maximalist interiors use ‘collectables’, and decor to tell a story. Maximalism is all about bright colours, contrast, prints, furniture, beautiful artwork and colourful accessories!

Retro Flair

Are you feeling nostalgic for the good old days? Sounds like it’s time for you to bring the past into the present, and update your home into the ultimate retro flair throwback!

Hotel Luxe

Have you ever stayed at a luxury hotel and wished that you never had to leave? Are you sick of Googling luxe interiors and want to make your dream a reality? Now is the time!


Steampunk interior design decor embraces an industrial aesthetic and mixes elegant interiors with an industrial or mechanical style.

Gold Decor

Gold is the colour of luxury. If used properly, it will completely enhance your home. It’s a colour that works for most colour schemes, so it's up to you how much you choose to feature!

Spa Retreat

Wouldn’t it be nice to finish a long day at work by relaxing in your own spa inspired retreat? Turn this dream into a reality with our spa inspired collection.

Smart Home

A smart home makes life incredibly easy by providing you with complete control to live the way you want, all at the tip of your fingers!