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Create an Antique or Vintage Style Home

Vintage style homes are warm, inviting and, most of all, charming. They are spaces where weathered and distressed pieces won’t feel out of place, but instead are welcomed with open arms. Adding a vintage style sink to a modern space can help to create a real sense of timelessness and reference to decades past. On top of that, you can add classic patterned tiles, throwback colour schemes and vintage accessories to really finish the room off.

If you have a vintage home in desperate need of an update, but don’t have the budget for a complete renovation, incorporating antique or retro bathroom ideas to revamp your space is the perfect in-between! Check out our curated collection of vintage style bathroom vanities, mirrors, paint, lighting and everything in between! All items are interior designer approved products and designs that will be perfect for your antique style home.

How to create a Vintage style home:

  • Repurpose older furniture pieces that are full of character (eg. a weathered dressing table could be repurposed as a vintage style bathroom vanity)
  • Use copper and brass fixtures
  • Opt for an all-white colour palette with some soft pastel accents
  • Invest in a free-standing bath
  • Hang an interesting antique chandelier
  • Incorporate mid-century accents, such as a wood-framed mirror, timber flooring & antique cabinet handles

Traps to avoid:

  • Steer clear of black tapware and accessories as they bring a more modern look to the space
  • Avoid the use of modern, recessed lighting
  • Stay away from tapware that has harsh edges - square edges leans into a more Modern Minimalist style