Caroma Toilets

Quality Toilets and Toilet Suites by Caroma

We have the widest range of Caroma toilet suites available to buy online and you can have them delivered direct to your door, Australia wide. All Caroma toilets are designed and engineered here in Australia by their award winning research and development team. 

Choose from Caroma's wide range of stunning toilet styles at prices that will suit any renovation budget or style: 

Concealed (behind the wall) Toilets

For a minimalist, compact look a behind the wall toilet suites (also known as in wall or concealed toilet) are popular. The great thing about these toilets are they feature a hidden cistern, either in the wall, in a roof cavity or under a counter, meaning less space is taken up in your bathroom. You can also choose from a range of quality buttons to suit your style and if you are worried about the future serviceability, don’t be, they have been engineered to access everything a plumber needs from the button panel. 

Wall Faced Toilets

These toilets are quite distinct because the rear of the toilet is flush against the wall, which creates a seal that is much easier to keep clean as nothing can get stuck behind the toilet. They also feature universal trap fittings, to suit either S Trap or P Trap plumbing pipes. By far the most common and the most popular toilets sold in Australia today 

Close Coupled Toilets

These toilet suites are lower cost alternatives to wall-faced toilets, where the cistern bolts directly to the pan, creating a nice seal and appearance. These toilets are usually completely made of vitreous china, so they will last longer than some plastic cistern connector alternatives.  

Connector or Linked Toilet Suites

These toilet suites are perfect for odd plumbing configurations that can often be found in older homes, or if you are looking for a cheap replacement toilet. There is a visible pipe going between the cistern and the pan, which is often covered by a connector piece to give it a “close coupled” look. Although its popularity has somewhat diminished, you can still get a plastic cistern with a vitreous china pan to really save some money on your bathroom renovation.


Things To Check Before Buying a Toilet:

Waste Trap Type

  1. S Trap exits through the floor
  2. P Trap exits into the rear wall
  3. Skew Trap exits into the side wall

Water Inlet Type

  1. Bottom Inlet enters into the bottom of the cistern (most popular in older homes)
  2. Back Entry is hidden at the top rear of the cistern