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Round Baths

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    Decina Florencia 1400mm Freestanding Bath

    A stunning round freestanding bath tub design that can be freely located in the bathroom Made from quality sanitary grade acrylic that ofers a hi...

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Round Baths: The Pinnacle of Relaxation and Style

Round Baths are the epitome of luxurious design, offering a unique and stylish solution for those looking to create a bathroom with a difference. With their circular shape, these baths provide an inviting centrepiece that is as comfortable as it is visually striking. This guide will take you through the serene world of Round Baths, highlighting their design philosophy, diverse offerings, and the benefits they bring to your bathing experience.

Design Philosophy Behind Round Baths

The design philosophy of Round Baths centres on creating a harmonious balance between aesthetic appeal and functional comfort. This section delves into how their rounded contours not only offer a distinctive look but also enhance the soaking experience, providing a natural fit for the body and promoting relaxation.

Exploring the Round Bath Collection

Round Baths come in a variety of styles and materials, ensuring there’s a perfect match for every taste and bathroom design.

Freestanding Round Baths

Freestanding Round Baths are celebrated for their ability to transform any bathroom into a luxurious retreat, standing as a focal point of elegance and relaxation. Explore the array of materials and finishes available, from sleek acrylic to natural stone, and how they can complement your bathroom’s decor. You will also find we offer round baths that are smaller in circumference, but deeper for a spa style soak.

The Benefits of Choosing a Round Bath

Opting for a Round Bath brings numerous advantages, including the promotion of a tranquil and luxurious bathing experience, the addition of a statement piece to your bathroom, and the versatility to fit with various design themes. This segment underscores why Round Baths are a favoured choice for creating a standout bathroom sanctuary.

Styling Your Bathroom with a Round Bath

Incorporating a Round Bath into your bathroom design allows for a myriad of styling opportunities. This guide offers tips on selecting complementary fixtures, accessories, and colour schemes that highlight the unique shape of Round Baths, creating a cohesive and inviting space.

Installation Tips for Round Baths

Ensuring the correct installation of your Round Bath is essential for its functionality and aesthetic appeal. We recommend a licensed Plumber install all bathroom fixtures and fittings to ensure Warranty is not void.

Maintaining Your Round Bath

Maintaining the luxurious look and feel of your Round Bath is straightforward with proper care. Use warm, soapy water to maintain a clean, streak free bath.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select the ideal Round Bath for my bathroom?
Choosing the perfect Round Bath involves considering the size of your bathroom, the style you’re aiming for, and the bath's material. Round Baths suit a variety of spaces and decor themes, so measure your area to ensure a good fit and consider the type of material that best suits your lifestyle and design preferences.
What sets Round Baths apart from traditional bath shapes?
Round Baths offer a unique aesthetic that can turn any bathroom into a statement of luxury and style. Their shape provides a more immersive soaking experience, with the added benefit of being a central design feature that can complement a range of interior styles.
How do Round Baths contribute to a spa-like bathroom environment?
Round Baths naturally lend themselves to creating a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom, thanks to their shape and depth, which are ideal for deep, relaxing soaks.