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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I check when buying a toilet?

Check the Waste Trap Type you need;

  1. S Trap exits through the floor
  2. P Trap exits into the rear wall
  3. Skew Trap exits into the side wall

Check the Water Inlet Type you need;

  1. Bottom Inlet enters into the bottom of the cistern (most popular in older homes)- This will be on the left or right side of your pan (bowl)
  2. Back Entry is hidden at the top rear of the cistern - Perfect for a 'Tiles Off' renovation, or for new builds as the plumbing is hidden and out of site!

What are the different toilet styles?

Behind The Wall (Concealed) Toilets

For a minimalist, compact look a behind the wall suite (also known as in-wall or concealed) are popular. The great thing about these toilets are they feature a hidden cistern, either in the wall, in a roof cavity or under a counter, meaning less space is taken up in your bathroom. You can also choose from a range of quality buttons to suit your style and if you are worried about the future serviceability, don’t be, they have been engineered to access everything a plumber needs from the button panel.

Wall Faced Toilets

These are quite distinct because the rear of the pan is flush against the wall, which creates a seal that is much easier to keep clean as nothing can get stuck behind the suite. They also feature universal trap fittings, to suit either S Trap or P Trap plumbing pipes. By far the most common and the most popular toilets sold in Australia today

Close Coupled Toilets

This describes a suite where the cistern bolts directly to the pan, creating a nice seal and appearance. These are usually completely made of vitreous china, so they will last longer than some plastic cistern connector alternatives. These include both wall face and non wall faced designs.

Connector or Linked Toilet Suites

These connector suites are perfect for odd plumbing configurations that can often be found in older homes, or if you are looking for a cheap replacement. There is a visible pipe going between the cistern and the pan, which is often covered by a connector piece to give it a “close coupled” look. Although its popularity has somewhat diminished, you can still get a plastic cistern with a vitreous china pan to really save some money on your bathroom renovation



Are toilets easy to install?

A toilet must be installed by a qualified plumber. Installation by anyone other a plumber will result in the manufacturer voiding the warranty.

All toilets sold at The Blue Space come with installation instructions for your plumber.

Do toilets come in different heights?

A standard toilet will sit at between 390mm and 400mm off the floor not including the height of the seat. Some toilets, often described as comfort height or easy height toilets can range from 435mm up to 445mm in height not including the seat.

The Caroma and Bao easy height toilets are a popular choice.

Do toilets come in different sizes?

Yes toilets come in different depths, widths and heights. In terms of depth, you can choose toilets between 600-720mm. In terms of width, you can choose toilets between 350-500mm. In terms of height, this generally falls between 15-19 inches.

It is important to measure your space when decising which toilet to purchase, especially if you are retrofitting your old toilet suite.

What is a rimless toilet?

Rimless toilets are toilets without a rim where the water traditionally flows in a regular toilet. A rimless toilet has a flushing system where the water shoots towards the edge and around the toilet bowl, leaving none of the inside missed, instead of flushing down like a regular toilet.

Where a traditional toilet would flush downwards from around the rim, a rimless toilet uses a flushing system that shoots water towards and around the edges of your toilet at a specific pressure designed to clean your bowl without any potential splashing.

Rimless toilets make cleaning a breeze with an open rim that no longer features a lip-like rim, typical of more traditional toilets. This type of rim is more hygienic as germs are unable to sit around the rim and be missed when cleaning. A rimless toilet uses a powerful and efficient flushing system that will effectively remove waste and keep your toilet looking cleaner.

Can you tell if a toilet is porcelain or ceramic?

You can tell whether your toilets are porcelain or ceramic by looking at its edge. Ceramic toilets usually have a glaze on top of the surface. While porcelain can be glazed, it’s usually not.