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Need products now? Shop 1000s of products from our Instant Ship range

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Bathroom and Kitchen Pendant Lights

Quality lighting can make all the difference in your new bathroom or kitchen renovation. If you are looking to complete a small or quick renovation put changing the light fittings or adding more light fittings high on your wish list as you will be surprised at the difference new lighting will make.


Which Light Layer are pendants suitable for?

Light layering is about creating different shades of light, playing with shadows and using colours to enhance your space and make it both more functional and beautiful. Multiple light sources help balance a room, while adding depth and dimension. 

Ambient Lighting

Is considered the base level of lighting. Done well, it makes a room considerably more welcoming. It provides an area with overall illumination and a comfortable level of brightness to see and move about safely. Ambient lighting is typically provided by ceiling-mounted luminaires such as pendants, with illumination mainly for orientation and general vision.

Task Lighting

Provides a direct source of light for a specific activity like reading, grooming, preparing food and cooking, doing homework and playing games. Ensuring adequate task lighting through pendants makes an environment more pleasant, free of glare and shadows and bright enough to prevent eye strain.


Thing to remember when choosing your Bathroom Lighting

  • Consider if you need your lighting to be waterproof
  • Understand where to position lighting above a mirror to avoid creating shadows
  • Create a retreat feel by using pendant lights, it is easy and cost effective
  • If you have children using the bathroom in the middle of the night consider sensor controlled lighting or LED strip lighting as a night light
  • Why not add a shower head with LED lighting?


Thing to remember when choosing your Kitchen Lighting

  • Your food prep and cooking zones should be free of shadows by using adequate task lighting, ensuring these activities can be done safely
  • Consider softer ambient lighting for your dining and after dinner conversations
  • The kitchen is a very different place at different times of the day so be sure you have lighting options that give you the flexibility to adjust at various times
  • LEDs can provide a bright light without producing any heat, which is ideal for under cabinet lighting near food prep zones
  • Open plan living dining? Pendant lights in your dining area can be a great way to segment the room from your kitchen
  • Install pendant lights 80cm above a bench or table, this creates comfortable light and enough room for people to move around