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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of showers are available for my bathroom?

There are a range of shower types to choose from for your new bathroom, let us break them down for you;

Rail Shower: As the name suggests, this shower is a rail on your wall that has a hand shower attached to the holster. You can easily slide the shower up and down the rail to adjust the height, perfect for family bathrooms. The hand shower is easily detatchable from the rail to be used as a hand shower.

Rain Shower: A rain shower is a luxurious large shower that falls like rain overhead. You can get rain showers in a range of sizes and there are also rail shower options that include a rain shower at the top. If you're after a rain shower, you can also opt for ceiling shower arms or wall mounted shower arms that host a rain shower head.

Hand Held Shower: A hand held shower sits in a holster and can be easily removed to direct the spray. Hand showers are the easiest way to clean the shower as you can direct the spray exactly where you need it to go.

Fixed Wall Showers: This is a traditaional shower design. The shower is fized to the wall with a shower head for an overhead shower experience. You can choose from upswept shower arms, or right angles shower arms.

View our blog on Shower Types here

What tap should I pair with my shower?

With lots of different taps on the market, we have a few simple tips to help you choose the right tap to pair with your new shower.

  1. Are you after wall top assemblies or a mixer tap? Wall top assemblies are the traditional 'hot' and 'cold' tap where as a mixer is a tap that mixes hot and cold together as you turn the single tap. We reccomend if you are using a three piece tap for your basin, opt for wall top assemblies that match. If you are using a mixer tap for your basin, opt for a mixer tap that matches.
  2. Match the colour of the tap with your shower: Make sure your tap matches the colour of your selected shower. We reccomend sticking with the same brand for the shower and the tap, as this will ensure the colour match is spot on.
  3. To save money: Keep the plumbing in the same place as you had previously when doing your renovation, this will keep the costs down as you won't need your plumber to change plumbing locations.


Can I install a shower myself?

We recommend a licensed plumber install all showers.

Product warranties will be removed if the shower has not been installed by a licensed plumber.

Do you sell shower screens?

Unfortunately we don't sell shower screens. There are lots of great local suppliers who will supply and install your beautiful new shower screens.

We do sell shower screen hardware to match you tapware though! See our range of shower screen hardware here.