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Create a Spa Style Home

Wouldn’t it be nice to finish a long or stressful day with a relaxing soak in your spacious bathtub, candles burning in the background and a spa-inspired playlist gently playing? This is a dream that you turn into a reality by converting your current home into a peaceful, spa-style retreat.

Are you wondering how to achieve the ultimate level of relaxation? It all starts with the colour scheme. Spas are meant to exude cleanliness, brightness and purity, so a warm off-white tint paint colour is the perfect starting point. From there, you can build on your spa interior by installing a neutral and simple tile to keep the sense of calm in the room, and furnish your bathroom with a vanity or shaving cabinet that incorporates natural wood.

How to achieve a luxurious spa-style home:

  • Retreat is the key word here – your home should be an oasis full of tasteful and luxurious items
  • Make the bath your bathroom centrepiece – go for a stunning freestanding bath or a relaxing spa bath
  • Choose earthy, natural tones and textures – like cream and chocolate, warm timber flooring and soft coloured stone
  • Accessorise with candles and flowers to recreate that day spa atmosphere
  • Use soft lighting
  • Don’t skimp on the things that really make your home feel like a sanctuary – install luxuries like underfloor heating

Traps to avoid:

  • Compromising on quality – if you want a luxurious feel, you need high-end fixtures
  • Clutter – display your trinkets but make sure everything has a place!
  • Anything clashing – spa retreat style is all about harmony. If you're looking for mismatched prints and colours, Maximalist is your style!