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Tint's extensive range of colours, sheens & sizes are perfect for any room in your house. Available in a range of interior paint colours.

A curated collection of ceiling paints that work with your wall paint. Including the perfect white ceiling paint or ceiling paint for bathrooms.

Have fun with your home's exterior with many exciting colours. Exterior paint and outdoor paint is available for many different surfaces.

Designed to compliment your walls and ceiling. Trim paint is perfect around windows and skirting boards - perfect finishing touch.

The perfect accessories make painting a breeze, View Tint's range of brushes, trays, rollers and drop sheets.

Not sure what paint will suit? Order easy-to-remove sample stickers from Tint. Say goodbye to paint sample pots .

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What's to Love About Tint

What is it that we love about Tint you ask? In short terms, this collection is fun & simple, while offering rewarding experiences that will have you reaching #colourgoals in no time! Check out our easy-to-read blog here to learn more about this fabulous brand!

View our FAQs

How much paint will I need to order?

Typically, one litre of Tint paint covers up to 8m². This is on a pre-primed, flat surface and factors in two coats.

What paint sheen level is best?

The terms low-sheen, semi-gloss and flat refer to the sheen level of the paint. This refers to how much the paint reflects light and how glossy it will then appear. Tint has calculated the perfect sheen levels and paired these with the surface best suited.

Tint Ceiling paint comes in a flat finish = 1% sheen level. This is a flat & matt paint that typically has the least scuff resistance and washability - therefore this isn't suitable for high-traffic areas. However, this is perfect for ceilings as it will hide cracks and imperfections.

Tint Wall paint has a Low-sheen finish = 6% sheen level. This low-sheen wall paint is great for providing extra durability while offering a smooth and professional finish.

Tint Trim paint has a semi-gloss finish = 20-25% sheen level. This glossy paint is ideal for trims, doors and windows as it has more strength and durability. This subtle semi-gloss pairs perfectly with our low sheen Wall & Exterior paint for a modern & clean finish.

Tint Exterior paint also comes in a low-sheen finish = 10% sheen level. It is a slightly higher sheen than our interior Wall paint, but it still has a low-sheen look with fantastic UV resistance and weatherability.

What is the difference between Ceiling, Wall, Trim and Exterior paints?

Tint Ceiling paint is ultra flat and perfect for hiding imperfections that often occur on ceilings. This solution contains less of the fun advanced features of other Tint paints, so is best suited to only ceilings as it easily scuffs in high traffic areas.

Tint Wall paint offers fantastic washability and physical strength while having a smooth finish that is perfect for all interior surfaces. It also has great moisture resistance, therefore is perfect for the bathroom, laundry and tropical-Australia homes. For this reason, we also recommend using it on the ceilings of humid and wet-area spaces such as bathrooms & laundries.

Tint Trim paint is a water-based, interior/exterior paint that contains extra strong resins. It is very tough and perfect for doors, skirting boards, cabinets, furniture, windows as well as anything else that may take a few bumps and knocks. It is also very weather and UV-resistant, while offering a superior locking technology that prevents it from expanding and contracting too much - preventing your windows from gluing shut in summer.

Tint Exterior paint is extra hard-wearing, flexible and repels dirt and dust. It is very UV and salt-resistant, meaning it can stand up against all of Australia’s wild conditions and is perfect for and all exterior vertical broad surfaces.

Is Tint Wall paint washable?

Tint Wall paint is formulated to handle whatever life can throw at it and is fully wipeable and even lightly scrubbable. This is achieved without containing teflon, silicone or other nasties that often get added to achieve a washable finish.

How durable is Tint Exterior paint?


Tint Exterior paint is designed to last under all Australian weather conditions. From the Blue Mountains to Cairns, Alice Springs to Fremantle - we have created a paint that can handle it all, and last the distance. It is extra hard-wearing, flexible, repels dirt and is extremely UV and salt resistant. We’re confident that, assuming you are properly prepared, our paint can handle anything Australia throws at it - and if that isn't enough for you, we're covered by a Lifetime Warranty.

Tint Trim paint is also designed for exterior use, and offers superior strength for painting all doors, windows and handrails.

What is a VOC?

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound. Basically, they are harmful chemicals that get released into the air as paint dries and can continue to be released for months to come. VOCs are commonly found in most paint products and can be very harmful to people and the environment - especially indoors where they tend to build.

Therefore, Tint keeps its paint as low in VOCs as possible.

What are Tint's VOC levels?

Tint VOC levels fall under two official categories; very low, and low — as defined by APAS (CSIRO’s Australian Paint Approval Scheme). Tint Ceiling, Wall and Prep Plus paints fall into the category of “very low”, with less than five grams per litre. Trim has less than 36 grams per litre, which is classed as "low”. The agent that helps defend against paint stickiness when applied to doors and window frames accounts for the slight increase. Exterior paint is also classified as “low”, having less than 48 grams per litre. The properties that guard against UV rays account for the slight increase. “Zero VOC” is not recognised by APAS. However, “very low” is as low as you can certifiably go.

Ceiling: Less than 1g/L

Wall: Less than 1g/L

Prep Plus: Less than 5g/L

Trim: Less than 36g/L

Exterior: Less than 48g/L

At Tint, colourants with zero VOCs are used. Other brands often promote their paint as being low VOC, however, will sneak plenty of VOCs back in when the paint receives its colour. No matter what colour you order from us, your paint will remain super low in VOC as promised.

Is this paint safe for a nursery or child's room?

Definitely, Tint paint is especially great for nurseries and children’s rooms. The entire range was specially formulated to be low-odour and more than 99% free from air-polluting VOCs – chemicals commonly found in high levels in most paint products.

In saying that, we still think it’s best to open up your windows to get some air moving throughout your space as you paint - but this is just as much about helping the paint cure.

How do I dispose of leftover paint?

Firstly, do not pour it down any drains! Instead, pour your leftover paint back into its can and reseal it. After this, store the paint in a cool, dry place. If you don’t want to keep the paint, simply use a special chemical waste program like Paintback®. Check with your local council to see what facilities are available in your area.

How long can I store leftover paint?

Once tightly sealed, store the paint in a cool, dry place where it should keep for at least a year – leaving you lots of time to think about more things to paint!