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Smart Home Gateways & Hubs

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  • Brilliant Smart Bluetooth Mesh Link White - The Blue Space
    Original price $75
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    Brilliant Smart Bluetooth Mesh Link - White

    The Smart Mesh Gateway acts as the heart of the system, connecting all of your Brilliant Smart Mesh items to your network using one WiFi point Bl...

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  • Brilliant Nexus Gateway Home Ultimate White - The Blue Space
    Original price $290
    Current price $99 SALE

    Brilliant Nexus Gateway Home Ultimate White

    Limited stock reduced to clear! Universal Gateway hub Connects with products using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and Infrared technology Connects with...

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  • Brilliant Nexus Gateway Home Plus Black - The Blue Space
    Original price $185
    Current price $48 SALE

    Brilliant Nexus Gateway Home Plus - Black

    Big Price Reduction - Limited Stock available Universal Gateway hub Connects with products using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Infrared technology Connect...

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Much like a smart home hub, gateways allow for the connection of hundreds of smart home devices and can be controlled at home or remotely. Gateways are a fantastic addition to any home and contribute to the smartification of your home! Smart home gateways and hubs work to connect your smart home products and devices via WIFI and Bluetooth. Keep things central via the Brilliant Smart app and connect with a range of brands and devices. Incorporating a smart home hub into your mix of smart home gadgets ensures all devices are controllable remotely and can be operated via voice control and the app. Better yet, set timers and automation for all your products to simplify your life even more! Keep everything running smoothly with a new smart home gateway or hub to ensure your connectivity and productivity are not delayed. Smart home gateways are easy to set up and are a DIY installation project that can be up and running within a matter of minutes. Gateways are the smart home solution to any problem and are definitely worth implementing into your home.

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What is a 'smart home'?

Smart homes automate and connect your household appliances, giving you more control than ever before. Enjoy the convenience of securing, operating, and monitoring your house even from another side of the world.

What are the benefits of home automation?

The first and foremost reason to buy a home automation system is for comfort and security. Other benefits include convenience, remote access, savings, and peace of mind.

Which devices are most commonly controlled in a smart home?

There are a variety of devices and appliances that can be connected and controlled in a smart home setup. The most common ones fall into four categories, and they are lighting, climate control, entertainment, and security.

Do I have to make my whole house smart?

Making your whole house smart is NOT necessary. You first have to prioritize all your options and then decide whether to invest in a full-scale home automation network or in separate smart gadgets.

No matter how you plan to buy the home automation systems or devices, always make sure that you choose your devices carefully because not all devices are compatible. You need to verify that the devices or systems you want to buy actually work together.

Is the smart home system complicated to use?

A smart home automation system lets technology take care of your home and business. In just a few clicks, life is made easy and every device connected to the home automation system can be controlled through a remote or an app installed onto your smartphone or tablet.

How do I get started?

Begin by looking around your home and noticing the little annoyances that you wish could be automated. If you’re constantly adjusting the thermostat, you probably need a smart thermostat. If you accidentally leave the lights on, then check out smart light bulbs. Concerned about securing your home from a break-in? Smart security cameras are the way to go.

What if the Internet goes down?

This is an important question to ask when looking to purchase a specific device. Some smart home technology has offline functionality, but others will offer app controls without Internet. For example, the Arlo Q cameras have an SD card, so they can continue recording footage even if the Internet isn’t working. There are also devices with battery backup in case your power is out.

Internet and power outages are often rare, but it’s important to point this out as a potential drawback for using devices connected to the Internet.

How can I make sure my smart home won’t get hacked?

This is (understandably) a big concern for many customers. The most important step for securing your smart home is the same thing you do for a router or printer: set up strong, unique passwords. Some devices come with default usernames and passwords installed; it typically has a username of admin and a password of something like password123. We recommend avoiding these devices altogether, because if anything it shows that the gadget is not that concerned with cybersecurity. But if you end up with one of these, at the very least change the password immediately.

Will my Smart speaker or display be listening to my conversations ?

No. But it is listening for a command, also called a wake word, like "Hey Google..". Only when it hears its particular prompt, will it spring in to life.

What a smart speaker may record are your interactions with it. That's how it learns and adapts to your voice and preferences.

If you are concerned, smart speakers usually have a mute button, so you can control when the microphone is active. And you can always access and delete your voice history from Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri.

What is a hub?

Smart home hubs are small and plug into your router. They don’t look like much, but they can function as the brains behind your smart home. Two popular hubs Nexus Home Plus and Nexus Ultimate. These hubs communicate with the devices around your home, connecting them to each other and the Internet. The big advantage to hubs is that it allows you to automate more smart home gadgets together. Hubs allow you to control all compatible devices within one app.