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Tint: Our Premium Paint Brand

What's To Love About Tint

Long gone are the days of transporting heavy paint cans to & from your car, as Tint is here to do the heavy lifting for you! Alongside Tint, we've moved to paint online, from selection to application, everything you need, delivered straight to your doorstep.

Online vs Instore

Many brands only offer storefront sales alongside huge markups (and overwhelming, endless options) along the way. Additionally, more than not, many players often charge more for a can of paint depending on how bright and bold it is. Therefore, by cutting out the middleman, we can offer a range of products all with premium features, in a range of beautiful colours - all without that hefty price tag.

Sampling Made Easy

Tint has ditched the traditional way of doing things, and combined creativity & innovation to paint sampling. Tint have developed sample stickers which are dipped in primer and two coats of their premium quality paint. Thanks to this, they will offer an accurate display of the colour and how it will look on your walls. Better yet, this gives you an idea of colour & feel without any mess. Stick them up, move them around and find what works for your space!

A Safe Paint For You & Your Family

If you're still not convinced, Tint's extra durable, premium paint is vegan, cruelty free, super low odour, mould resistant, and 99% free from air-polluting VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Even better, all orders are dispatched from their Melbourne warehouse within 48 hours meaning you can get your DIY project started sooner!

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