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Biggest Ever EOFY Sale!

Decina Toilets

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  • Decina Renee Rimless Wall Faced Toilet Suite - The Blue Space
    Original price $702
    Current price $525

    Decina Renee Rimless Wall Faced Toilet Suite

    Beautiful toilet design to suit a modern or classic style bathroom Universal S & P Trap Universal Back entry or bottom inlet cistern (left o...

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    In Stock
  • Decina Renee Wall Hung Toilet Suite with Matte Black Buttons - The Blue Space
    Original price $1,186
    Current price $799 SALE

    Decina Renee Wall Hung Toilet Suite with Buttons

    Very limited stocks at this price! One square chrome and one chrome round plate available. Latest rimless design, matches any modern style bathro...

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    $387 OFF RRP
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  • Decina Novara Ezi Height Rimless Close Coupled Toilet Suite at The Blue Space
    Original price $421
    Current price $337

    Decina Novara Ezi Height Rimless Close Coupled Toilet Suite

    The Novara’s round, close coupled pan & cistern matches its round, chrome, dual flush buttons. Easy to install, space efficient & easy to...

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Quality Toilets and Toilet Suites by Decina

Decina has a wide range of quality toilet suites available to buy online and delivered direct to your door, Australia wide.  

Decina Toilet Styles To Suit Any Renovation Budget

Concealed (behind the wall) Toilets

For a minimalist, compact look a behind the wall toilet suites (also known as in wall or concealed toilet) are popular. The great thing about these toilets are they feature a hidden cistern, either in the wall, in a roof cavity or under a counter, meaning less space is taken up in your bathroom. You can also choose from a range of quality buttons to suit your style and if you are worried about the future serviceability, don’t be, they have been engineered to access everything a plumber needs from the button panel.

Wall Faced Toilets

These toilets are quite distinct because the rear of the toilet is flush against the wall, which creates a seal that is much easier to keep clean as nothing can get stuck behind the toilet. They also feature universal trap fittings, to suit either S Trap or P Trap plumbing pipes. By far the most common and the most popular toilets sold in Australia today

Close Coupled Toilets

These toilet suites are lower cost alternatives to wall-faced toilets, where the cistern bolts directly to the pan, creating a nice seal and appearance. These toilets are usually completely made of vitreous china, so they will last longer than some plastic cistern connector alternatives.

Connector or Linked Toilet Suites

These toilet suites are perfect for odd plumbing configurations that can often be found in older homes, or if you are looking for a cheap replacement toilet. There is a visible pipe going between the cistern and the pan, which is often covered by a connector piece to give it a “close coupled” look. Although its popularity has somewhat diminished, you can still get a plastic cistern with a vitreous china pan to really save some money on your bathroom renovation.

Things To Check Before Buying a Toilet

Waste Trap Type

  1. S Trap exits through the floor
  2. P Trap exits into the rear wall
  3. Skew Trap exits into the side wall

Water Inlet Type

  1. Bottom Inlet enters into the bottom of the cistern (most popular in older homes)
  2. Back Entry is hidden at the top rear of the cistern

More toilet technical information

When buying a toilet, you need to be able to answer the following questions:

  • Do I need an S-Trap or a P-Trap?
  • What is the setout?
  • Will I need a rear or bottom entry?
  • S Trap or P Trap, what's the difference?

The ""trap"" is the bend in the pipe where the waste goes out of the toilet. It retains some water after flushing causing a seal and preventing sewer gases from entering the building.

An S-trap exits at the bottom of the toilet and is designed to outlet directly through the floor.

A P-trap exits at the back of the toilet and is designed to outlet through a wall.


The Setout refers to the distance to the centre of the waste outlet. For an S-Trap, the setout is the measurement from the finished wall to the centre of the waste pipe in the floor (modern standards are between 140mm and 165mm). For a P-Trap, the setout is the measurement from the finished floor to the centre of the waste outlet in the wall (the standard is 185mm).

If you are replacing an existing toilet and do not want to change the plumbing, you will need to ensure that your new toilet will fit the existing plumbing.

If you have a P Trap toilet you should not be too restricted as most P Traps have a standard set out. However, if you have an S trap toilet, you will need to make sure that you have the measurement from the wall to the centre of the trap before you purchase a replacement toilet.

Rear Entry and Bottom Entry (Cisterns)

(Rear/Back or Bottom Entry Inlet)

The entry (or inlet) is where the water enters the toilet cistern. A bottom entry toilet has a tap on the wall under the cistern, on either the right or left hand side of the toilet, and it connects to the bottom of the cistern. A rear entry toilet connects inside the cistern.

As a general rule, changing the location of the inlet is not as difficult as changing the location of the trap. The Blue Space recommends that you check your individual situation with your qualified plumber before purchasing your toilet.

Toilet Suites

There are hundreds of toilet suites available in the market. Other than looks, factors such as size, inlet position, how well it functions and water efficiency should play into your decision.

When choosing a toilet suite for your bathroom, you must ensure that it carries a W.E.L.S. rating to comply with government regulations. For more information about W.E.L.S. rating you can visit the Australian government website:

Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) Scheme

All that said, if you are remodelling your bathroom here are the different toilet types you can consider.

Wall Facing Toilet Suites

Wall Facing toilets sit flush against the wall, with the cistern directly on the pan. Wall faced toilets appear as a complete unit, eliminating hard to reach nooks or crevices behind and under the suite. Boasting a combination of contemporary design and practicality, these stylish, clean-lined suites are ideal for bathroom renovations and make cleaning a breeze.

Back to Wall Toilet Pans

Back to wall pans are a clever way to maximise space in the bathroom by concealing the cistern within a piece of furniture or stud wall. The toilet type offers a simple uncluttered bathroom finish that is easy to maintain for residential or commercial use.

Wall Hung Toilet Suites

Wall hung pans are a perfect option for a minimal, modern and space saving toilet solution. Ideal for bathrooms large or small, these sleek styles perfectly complement other bathroom furniture and are also water efficient. Like back to wall suites, these wall hung toilet pans also house a concealed cistern, while the pan hovers off the ground creating a sense of space and luxury. Wall Hung Pans require a structural elements inside the wall they are mounted on in the form of a frame or purpose made bracket.

Close Coupled Toilet Suites

Close coupled toilet suites deliver modern looks and easy-clean style at an affordable price. Most commonly made from quality vitreous china, Close Coupled Suites' are similar in appearance to Wall Facing suites, but the pan does not sit back flush to the wall. The cistern sits directly on the pan, appearing as a complete unit with no visible pipes connecting them. The suite incorporates leading water-saving technology and is suitable for in-floor or in-wall waste outlets.

Link Toilet Suites

Link Suites are similar in appearance to close coupled suites but are mounted separately, joined by a ""link"" concealing the pipework. Designed for flexibility, link toilet suites allow the distance from the cistern to the pan to be adjusted during installation, are affordable and add a stylish touch to any bathroom. Most suites come with adjustable link and seat, floor waste outlet and feature a dual flush system for maximum water economy.

Heritage Toilet Suites

These traditionally styled toilet suites incorporate authentic Period or Traditional design and are styled as either close coupled concealed trap or as a link toilet suite. These toilet suites are perfect for those wanting to carry the traditional look into their bathroom.

Disability Toilet Suites

Flaunting a contemporary style, the disability toilet suites are designed to provide a raised seat for people with impaired mobility or in wheelchairs. The pan features a concealed trap to facilitate easy cleaning. The versatility of the toilet suite makes it ideal for use by both the ambulant people with disabilities and wheel-chair users.