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Create a Mediterranean Style Home

If you’re dreaming of Southern Europe and wish to turn your home into a mediterranean style house, then you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re channelling a relaxing summer in Santorini, Positano or Valletta, the best mediterranean style homes focus on an effortless and minimalist approach to decorating.

Mediterranean interior design is best described as earthy, ornamented and refreshing. Think whitewashed walls, natural/textured accessories, wrought iron elements and lots of light. Did you know, the mediterranean style is actually a subtle variation of Coastal!

Alternatively, if the mediterranean style isn’t quite what you’re after, then you may be drawn to the look of modern mediterranean interior design. A modern Mediterranean house is the happy middle ground between both traditional and modern elements of the style. You can achieve this by incorporating more crisp details, rustic furniture and colourful tiles.

How to style a mediterranean home:

  • Keep the space feeling light and airy
  • Maximise natural light - think big windows, sky lights and sheer curtains
  • Less is more!
  • Incorporate the use of natural materials - think wood, rattan, terracotta, linen
  • Allow natural imperfections on vanities, walls and floors to show through to add texture to the space
  • Incorporate graceful archways that stand alone as their own design statement
  • Style your space with sculptural objects - including decorative bowls, ceramics, baskets and vases
  • Incorporate mediterranean plants, such as a potted olive or lemon tree
  • Terracotta everything! - especially terracotta tiles

Traps to avoid:

  • Don’t make the room feel too fussy or cluttered
  • Avoid stark colours as they can make the space feel more clinical or formal (unless you’re after a more modern take on this style)
  • No plastic! This style is all about emphasising earthy warmth and natural materials, therefore, an overabundance of plastics would look VERY out of place!
  • Avoid closed floor plans, they don’t belong in a mediterranean style house