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Create a Boho Style Home

A boho inspired home has a real emphasis on textured textiles, organic shapes and materials, rich earthy tones and a ‘more is more’ attitude when it comes to styling. This trend focuses on the use of natural elements to create an indoor oasis.

The modern boho trend has gained plenty of popularity recently, and it appears the trend is well and truly here to stay!

Check out our curated collection full of boho chic home accessories and fixtures to help bring your vision to life.

How to achieve the Boho look:

  • More is more – combine different colours, patterns and textures for a layered look
  • Take inspiration from North Africa and the Middle East – think mosaic tiles, coloured glass and bold prints
  • Don’t be afraid to go bold with paint colour on a feature wall, but balance it out with light or white walls elsewhere
  • Make the most of natural light with big windows, skylights and curtains or blinds
  • Cool the space with plants and natural materials
  • Textiles make a great Boho statement, so consider where you can use them – think rugs, towels, wall hangings and cushions

Traps to avoid:

  • Mismatching is part of the Boho charm, but it can easily look like a mess. Put in all the things you love, then take out what doesn’t work. The room should feel full, but calm overall.
  • Poor ventilation – a home full of fabrics and treasures needs to be kept well aired
  • Faking it – Boho is all about displaying your personality, so accessorise with things that mean something to you