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Create a Japandi Style Home

What is Japandi style? Japandi interior design blends the smooth, crisp modern lines of a Scandinavian design with the functional and sleek elegance of the Japanese aesthetic and therefore creates a beautifully unique fusion between the two styles.

The key to nailing the Japandi design is to focus on creating a relaxing, calm, peaceful and comfortable environment. If you don’t add enough accessories to the space you can risk presenting a room that feels clinical and cold. If you add too many accessories and furnishings to the space you can risk turning your space into a Maximalist haven. It’s all about finding the balance - so our Interior Designer has provided you with some key do’s & don’ts to help you nail the Japandi vibe.

Whether it’s a Japandi living room, Japandi bathroom, a Japandi bedroom or a Japandi kitchen that you’re feeling inspired to create, we’ve explored the style in-depth so that you’ve got all the tools you need to create your dream Japandi home.

How to achieve the Japandi look:

  • Incorporate clean lines - look for lighting, vanities and tiles that are simply designed and structured
  • Style your home with earthy handmade accessories
  • Contrast is your friend! The key to perfecting Japandi decor is to incorporate dramatic contrast. For example, you can incorporate a rich timber floor, with black tapware and accessories to create real contrast.
  • An essential element to Japandi design is Minimalism
  • The Japandi colour palette is borrowed from the current Scandi trend (such as soft pinks, greys, tonal wood, etc.) - however, there are subtle differences as Japandi welcomes deep navy tones, mint and emerald green and darker tone woods.
  • Opt for a neutral colour palette (check out our Tint paint samples to help perfect your colour palette)
  • Let a bit of the natural outside world in - add plants & a splash of green!
  • Keep the room light and airy to ensure the light enters the room to create a calm atmosphere, sheer curtains are great for this!

Traps to avoid:

  • Don’t use too much light toned timber, if this is what you’re drawn to then Scandinavian might be your style!
  • Keep the bright and bold colours away, they don’t belong in Japandi interiors
  • Don’t over-clutter the room with a lot of accessories and unnecessary furnishings unless you’re after a Maximalist style
  • Ignoring the walls - don’t forget to add warm tones and textures to your walls
  • Don’t flood the room with a bright coloured feature wall