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What To Know Before Buying Door Handles

Buying A Door Handle?

With a plethora of door handles available in the market, choosing the right one for your home or building may seem confusing especially if you are unfamiliar with the types of door handles available and the function that is needed.

Door Handle Checklist

There is more to a door handle than just to open, close and lock a door, consider these four points when buying a door handle to ensure that you have made the best and appropriate choice for your home or building

If a lock is being used, it is important to be able to get out safely and quickly in case of an emergency

The location you install your door handle is extremely important to consider, door handles entrance locations should be of high quality and security as external doors are your frontline against intruders

Door handles can also be an eye catching accessory to the main style of your home, so it is important to take in mind whether a knob, lever or pull handle will be better suited as well as the finish of your door handle

It’s important for you to be able to enter your home or building hassle free. If you have many keys for your home/building, getting your locks keyed alike which is where all your door handles & locks use the same key would be of highest convenience

Now that you understand the importance of this decision and how the functionality of a door handle is not limited to opening, closing and locking a door but also to the safety, security, style and convenience for you and others.

Below other key features to know and understand about door handles;


This refers to the locking function of a door handle. The most common door handle functions available that will suit every door function need includes;


Entrance door handles are best suited for use as an exterior door handle on entry doors where keyed entry and security is needed. Entrance set locks require a key to lock and unlock from the outside and is operated by a lock button from the inside. Door handles with locks are best suited for doors requiring security however, most entrance doors in Australia have a double cylinder lock already installed for security and or for insurance compliance. For a cost efficient option, install a passage handle to pair with double cylinder lock on entrance doors, as most tend to not lock the double cylinder, the double cylinder lock will provide more security than those that lock only their entrance door handles and leave their double cylinder’s unlocked.


Privacy door handles are best used within the interior of a home or building where privacy is needed such as bedrooms and bathrooms. Privacy set locks often are locked on the outside with a lock button on the inside. The lock on the outside usually can be opened with a pin or paperclip and is not suitable to be used on doors where high security is needed.


Passage handle sets are primarily used within the interior of your home or building to open and close your doors. Door handles passage set has a latch to hold the door closed but does not have a locking mechanism. The Passage Lever set is usually used for rooms where privacy is not required such as laundry and living rooms.


Dummy door handles are a non-turning door lever or door knob without a latching or locking function and are only used to push, pull or shut a door and are best suited for cupboards, closets and pantry doors where only opening and closing of the door is required.

Dummy handles are mounted on a door to simply give the door a handle to pull open without turning and are also used aesthetically for design as well as to make a door look balanced.

Material and Finish

Stainless Steel Grade

When living 5 kilometres off the coast, Marine Grade 316 stainless steel is a must use material when living near the coast due to its corrosion resistant material. Salt spray from the ocean will cause tea staining on your door hardware which is where the steel starts to look as if rusting. 304 grade is also corrosion resistant however 304 grade is susceptible to corrosion attacks in high salinity environments.


The decision of the finish may come down to how this matches your décor however a decision between door handles black and door handles chrome may be based on how fingerprints show on the handle. A Matte Black, Gun Metal Grey, Brushed and Satin finish are best for hiding fingerprints

Levers or Knobs?


Door handles lever are best for convenience and practicality such as trying to open with an elbow. Door levers are also more modern designed and will suit most contemporary houses.


Door Handles Knobs are also practical and the choice between the two may come down to preference. Door Knobs have a classic design and are great Non-handed option meaning that most are designed to rotate into the correct position for use on both left and right handed doors.

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