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How to Shop for Your Laundry Online

Breeze Through Your Reno Shopping List

Building your laundry cabinets online in 4 simple steps. Our modular laundry cabinets make your renovation easier from planning and preparation to installation.

Before you start the process, our number one top tip is to consider the functionality of your laundry space and what you want your laundry to be used for.

*Please note, all laundry cabinets are delivered to Sydney Metro areas only.

Do you need extra bench space for sorting and separating clothes? Perhaps you need a larger tub for washing your dog or soaking the clothes. How often do you wash your clothes? Your laundry can be one of your most multifunctional spaces in the home, so you are going to want to make sure you put functionality above all.

Follow these steps to create your dream laundry space.

1. Visualise and Plan

Check out ADP's laundry brochure to get started on the plan of your laundry renovation. Choose from the 3 cabinetry styles and select your cabinet types needed such as a floor or wall hung cabinet.

Also consider what extras you might like add to make your life easier. Perhaps a built-in laundry hamper, or a pull-out swivel ironing board?

2. Find your style

Consider what is most important to you, functionality? Is maximising storage a key consideration? Accessibility and ease of function with open shelving to grab and go? Perhaps you prioritise minimalism and ease of upkeep? Next consider how you want your laundry to look and feel. What do your cabinet doors look like - are they woodgrain, coloured, shaker style, or v-groove?

Whether you prefer a modern look or classic charm, you can definitely find your style with our modular laundry cabinets.

3. Measure your space and draw your laundry layout

Once you have found your style and selected your laundry cabients, you’ll need to measure your space to understand what you are working with.

Fill in the ‘Plan Your Layout’ section on pages 6-7 in ADP's brochure and draw out your laundry layout in the grid provided. Don’t forget about where your water inlets and electrical outlets will sit, as this will be locked in place!

Read our blog on how to measure your space here.

4. Place your order

Now that you’ve drawn up your plan, please send this through to our customer service team to place your order with our supplier!

We will keep you updated and informed as to the whereabouts of your order. You will also receive a tracking number once your cabinetry has been dispatched.

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