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Charcoal Tiles

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  • Tenerife Charcoal Gloss Cushioned Edge Ceramic Tile 107x530mm Straight Pattern - The Blue Space
    $114 per sqm

    Tenerife Charcoal Gloss Cushioned Edge Ceramic Tile 107x530mm

    + 2 Colours

    If you’re inspired by the beauty of Spain, then the Spanish made Tenerife collection is a perfect six choice for your new space. These tiles featu...

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    Made in Spain
  • Madrid Scored Charcoal Gloss Cushioned Edge Ceramic Wall Tile 243x243mm online at The Blue space
    $114 per sqm

    Madrid Scored Charcoal Gloss Cushioned Edge Ceramic Wall Tile 243x243mm

    Bring the culture and beauty of Spain into your home with the stunning Madrid collection. These tiles are conveniently easy to lay, and are availa...

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    Made in Spain

Charcoal Coloured Tiles: A Synonym for Sophistication

Charcoal tiles inject sophistication into any home or office space. With their sleek, modern appearance, they promise to elevate the style quotient of any area. The Blue Space proudly presents an extensive selection of charcoal tiles, ensuring you'll find the perfect complement for your design ambitions.

The allure of charcoal tiles lies not just in their impressive finish, which adds depth and character to spaces, but also in their versatile application across various areas of your home. Whether it's creating a striking kitchen or laundry splashback, or introducing an elegant touch to bathroom wet areas, charcoal tiles stand out for their unique patterns and colour nuances.

Why Charcoal Tiles?

Timeless Elegance

Charcoal’s neutral and everlasting charm blends effortlessly with both contemporary and traditional designs, offering a sophisticated look that remains in vogue across seasons.

Versatile Aesthetic

These tiles serve as a dynamic backdrop for minimalist designs or as a striking contrast in more vibrant, eclectic settings, proving their versatility.

Depth and Dimension

Charcoal hues introduce a cosy warmth to spaces, making them more inviting and visually compelling.


Darker tiles like charcoal excel in hiding dirt, stains, and signs of wear, particularly in high-traffic areas, thus simplifying maintenance efforts.

Design Freedom

The compatibility of charcoal tiles with various colour schemes opens up endless creative possibilities, enabling personal expression through diverse design themes. Choose from subway tiles, square tiles, wall tiles and floor tiles.

Mood Enhancement

The calming quality of charcoal contributes to creating serene, tranquil environments, ideal for bedrooms and spaces dedicated to relaxation.

Charcoal-coloured tiles, with their harmonious blend of elegance, versatility, and practicality, continue to be a popular choice among homeowners and interior designers. Their capacity to uplift the aesthetic and functional aspects of a space cements their status as a preferred option in the realm of interior design.

Embrace the distinguished look of charcoal tiles for your next project and discover how The Blue Space can help you achieve a home that exudes style, comfort, and sophistication.