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5 Benefits of Pull-Down Sink Mixers

Pull down mixer taps makes washing dishes and rinsing the sink easy as can be.
Enjoy the ease and versatility of a pull-down mixer tap with a greater range of movement in and around the sink. You will love it so much you will even consider putting a pull-down mixer in your laundry, too!
Some of our much-loved brands such as Caroma, Phoenix, Methven, Dorf and Seima have designed pull-down mixers to enhance not only the kitchen space but also your lifestyle. Making your life in the kitchen easier, so you can spend time on other things instead. Pull down sink mixers from The Blue Space come in a range of colours including black, chrome, white and brushed nickel to suit any bathroom renovation you might have in mind.
Here are the top benefits of buying a pull-down sink mixer:
  • It’s easier to wash the dishes and cleaning the sink will become a breeze.
  • Perfect for children since the handle pulls down they can reach it a lot easier, meaning you will have some little helpers at mealtimes!
  • These mixers make the most of a double sink giving you flexibility between both sink bowls
  • Much more efficient in terms of food washing and preparation
  • Ergonomics; it makes your life so much easier sink you are only working in one motion – pull down!

Shop some of our favourite pull down sink mixers online now at The Blue Space, and have your order delivered directly to your door from our warehouse! Enjoy free delivery to metropolitan areas on orders over $1,500, and take comfort knowing that you are investing in your kitchen with the click of a button.

What are you waiting for? Start shopping for pull down sink mixers by clicking right here.

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