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  • Steps on how to regrout your bathroom tiles | The Blue Space

    A step-by-step guide to regrout tiles

    How toRegrout Your Tiles When tiles are first installed, you have probably noticed and admired how crisp and clean everything looks. The grout is full and the colour consistent, creating a seamless design. Yet, over time, this doesn't always stay...

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  • How to clean tiles and tile grout

    How to Easily Clean your Tiles

    Simple Steps to Clean Tiles It would be wonderful for our bathrooms to remain shine and grime-free, but in reality, that’s not always the case. Bathrooms are a frequently used space and are bound to get dirty real fast if...

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  • 3 simple steps to update your mixer tap

    3 Simple Steps to Change a Mixer Tap

    How to Change a Mixer Tap In three simple steps Step OneUndertsand the plumbing situation   The key to a successful change over is to know how the mixer taps are fitted and plumbed. The questions to ask yourself are:...

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  • Everything you need to know about tiles at The Blue Space

    Everything you need to know about Tiles

    Everything you need to know about Tiles Tile Slip Resistance Rating One of the most important aspects of choosing your new tiles is the Slip Rating. These have been designed to make your life a little bit easier when deciding...

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  • A Facelift Reno for Guests

    A Facelift Reno for Guests

    Get your home ready for guests Small update ideas for your bathroom, living, bedrooms and kitchen. Without undergoing a major overhaul, there are some inexpensive and easy upgrades you could do to bring your home back to life. Your bathroom...

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  • Tile Slip Ratings Explained

    Tile Slip Ratings Explained

    Tile Slip Rating What each rating means and how it influences your tile selection. When it comes to choosing tiles for your living spaces, one aspect that often takes precedence is the slip resistance. Understanding the slip resistance ratings is...

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