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Tile Slip Ratings Explained

Tile Slip Rating

What each rating means and how it influences your tile selection.

When it comes to choosing tiles for your living spaces, one aspect that often takes precedence is the slip resistance. Understanding the slip resistance ratings is crucial for ensuring safety in areas prone to moisture, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor spaces.
P0 Tile Slip Rating - Glass Tiles

P0 Rating

Not recommended for floors.

Tiles with P0 rating have the lowest slip resistance. These tiles are generally smooth and may lack texture.

Best used for wall applications and dry areas.

P1 Rating

Very low slip resistance.

P1 tiles offer beter slip resistance that P0, but are still considered to have very low traction.

Best used for low traffic areas where slip resistance isn't a primary concern.

P2 Rating

Moderate slip resistance.

P2 tiles offer beter slip resistance that P1, but are still considered to have low traction.

Best used for indoor spaces like living and bedrooms.

P3 Rating

Moderate slip resistance.

P3 tiles strike a balnce between slip resistance and ease of maintenance. Textured to enhance traction.

Best used for indoor spaces such as kitchens, hallways and bathrooms.

P4 Rating

High Slip Resistance

P4 tiles offer high slip resistance, making them siutable for areas prone to moisture. Textured to maximise grip.

Best used for shower floors and external applications.

P5 Rating

Very high slip resistance

P5 tiles provide the highest slip resistance and are heavily textured to ensure maximum grip.

Best used for outdoor spaces, pool decks and care bathrooms.

What is a Pendulum Test?

The Pendulum Test is a widely used method for assessing the slip resistance of flooring materials, including tiles. It is designed to mimic the slip resistance of a flooring surface under both wet and dry conditions, making it a valuable tool for evaluating the safety of floors in various environments, such as public spaces, commercial buildings, and residential areas.The ratings are from P0 - P5.

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