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3 Simple Steps to Change a Mixer Tap

How to Change a Mixer Tap

In three simple steps

Step One
Undertsand the plumbing situation


The key to a successful change over is to know how the mixer taps are fitted and plumbed. The questions to ask yourself are:

What is the plumbing arrangement and how are the individual hoses fitted?

What is the difference between the hot water hose and the cold water hose?

Where are the stops under the bench that isolate the water supply?

How is the main nut and U shaped fitting secured to the tap hole in the sink?

Grab yourself an adjustable spanner, a ratchet hex set, a towel and a spare rag and you’ll be ready to go!


Step Two
Remove the existing mixer


Now to remove the old tap. To make minimal mess, place the towel on the sink top around the tap and the old rag under the bench next to the stops. The towel will stop the tap from falling sideways once disconnected and prevent any scratches on your sink. The rag will help soak up any excess water that comes out of the stops once the hose has been disconnected.

1. Completely turn off the water supply at the stops.
2. Undo the hoses from the stops with your spanner. These should unscrew easily by hand once you have loosened the grip with the spanner.
3. Loosen the nut under the bench that’s holding the old mixer in place using your ratchet hex set.

Now your old mixer tap is all ready for removal! Lift it out slowly and bring the hoses with it.


Step Three
Fitting the new tap


Next, unpack your shiny new tap from The Blue Space!

1. Feed the new tap hoses through the existing hole (one by one) until you can position the tap where it needs to be.
2. Refit the main nut (U shape fitting) and tighten to secure the tap in place neatly.
3. Check the tap is sitting flush and then tighten the main nut to ensure it's completely secure.
4. Reconnect the hoses to their correct stops (cold to cold, hot to hot) and tighten to secure.
5. Turn the stops back on and Bingo! Done!


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