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Our Guide on Bathroom Heating and Exhaust

Our Guide:
Bathroom Heating & Exhaust

Those long, luxurious showers that you enjoy so much to wash away the tiredness from the body may actually be taking their toll on your bathroom. All that humidity and moisture collected in the bathroom space serves as the breeding ground for mildew and mould, which can cause damage to many parts of the bathroom including the wood framing and walls.

Fortunately, there is a way out of this problem – your friend in need here is the exhaust ventilation fan or fan heater. The exhaust fan is a necessity for any bathroom as it can remove excess moisture, odour and mould spores that can lead to health problems. In some cases, exhaust fans are mandatory, especially if the bathroom doesn't have an operable window.

Small and unobtrusive, exhaust fans today are the result of new technologies, and as a result, they are smarter, quieter and more efficient than ever. The new versions include features such as motionactivated lights or heat-exchanger ventilation.

While choosing an exhaust fan, make sure it fits in well with the size of your bathroom. You would also want to prioritize your choice based on noise levels, heating requirements and other features in order to get the maximum returns from your budget.

Here are some exhaust/heater fans that can channel the exhaust outside your home and remove excess moisture from closed, dark spaces where humidity condenses on cold surfaces and mold can spread, damaging floors, walls and ceiling materials.

Different Types of Exhaust & Heater Fans

Exhaust Fan


Exhaust fans are hardwired into the existing power supply and can usually be ceiling or wall mounted. Most fans will also include a built-in back draft shutter which stops warm air escaping and unwanted outside air coming through. Exhaust fans are available in a choice of sizes and colours to suit your bathroom style and function.

Remote Single Fan Heater


The next generation exhaust fan, the remote single fan heater is designed, engineered and constructed from the best quality materials in Australia and comes with an unsurpassed reputation for safety and quality. The remote operated fan also contains a compact fluorescent lamp and has a white and silver finish to add elegance to the bathroom.

Hardwired Single Fan Heater


Like the remote single fan heater, the hardwired single fan heater is designed, engineered and made in Australia to required specifications. The fan has a compact fluorescent lamp, is available in white and silver finish, and comes with unsurpassed reputation for safety and quality.

Hardwired Dual Fan Heater


The heater fan contains tungsten halogen infrared heat lamps provide instant warmth and is mounted on energy saving CFL down lights that allow light to be directed to where you need it most. Boasting an unobtrusive sleek design, and available in white and silver, the heater fan blends seamlessly with your bathroom's décor.

Odour Control


If you are looking for a ventilation option in a powder room, or you are particularly concerned with bathroom odour, then an odour control unit may be the answer. Rather than trying to combat or remove unpleasant odours after they escape the toilet bowl, an odour control unit prevents the odours accumulating in the first place. Using smart technology, it silently draws the odour directly from the toilet bowl, preventing any odour escaping, always leaving you with a fresh bathroom.

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