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Selling Houses Australia | Janali Bathroom

Small Bathroom Tips

Jannali Bathroom
Selling Houses Australia

"We transformed a rundown brown eyesore into a charming cottage"
Wendy Moore, Selling Houses Australia

The bathroom in this Jannali house was straight out of the 1980s and desperately needed a makeover. Being the only one in the house, it was far from functional – squeezing into the shower over the bath was like a gymnastics routine.

The team opted for a fresh look by respraying the wall tiles white, instantly adding brightness and the illusion of space. To inject some personality, they laid down charming Vintage Daisy Black & White Ceramic Mosaic floor tiles, evoking a playful mid-century vibe. A sleek ADP Waverly vanity and an Ingrain arch-shaped framed mirror in Matte Black, both from The Blue Space, complemented by stylish black bathroom fittings and a new shower screen, transformed the space into a whole new bathroom experience!

Our Top Tips for a Small Bathroom

Floating Vanities


Floating vanities are ideal for small bathrooms because they visually expand the space, offer a sleek and modern aesthetic, and provide practical storage without taking up floor space.

Choose Light Colours


Opt for light-colored paint or tiles to create a sense of openness and brightness, making the room appear larger.

We recommend playing with textures and colours on the floor tile and keeping the wall tiles nice a neautral for the illusion of space.

Use Mirrors Strategically


Incorporate mirrors to reflect light and create the illusion of depth, amplifying the perceived size of the room.

For additional storage needs, opt for a shaving cabinet with beautiful mirror at the front. Available in a range of style designs.

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