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Selling Houses Australia | Turramurra Renovation

Selling Houses Australia
Turramurra Renovation

"I had to steal some space from an adjoining wardrobe but we were able to squeeze in a double ensuite into the floorplan."

Wendy Moore, Selling Houses Australia

Pretty, and Practical


In this inviting space, neutral textured tiles effortlessly cultivate an airy ambiance, fostering a sense of openness. The Timberline Windsor Vanity, adorned in a captivating deep blue hue, anchors the room with its striking presence. Luxurious double basins elevate the functionality and indulgence of the space, while the Turner Hastings Mayer Pivot Mirror in Chrome adds an elegant finishing touch.

Complementing this aesthetic, white textured subway tiles paired with mosaic tiles serve as a standout design element, adding depth and visual interest to the overall composition.

Maximising Space


Effective storage solutions are paramount in the thoughtful design of small bathrooms. With the Timberline Windsor Vanity, ample storage is seamlessly integrated alongside space for a convenient double basin setup. The inclusion of a high ceiling and a skylight enhances the room's spaciousness, creating an illusion of even greater size. Timeless elegance is achieved through the choice of Caroma chrome tapware, shower fixtures, and accessories, promising enduring style and durability that will withstand the test of time, ensuring this bathroom remains functional and visually appealing for a lifetime.

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