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Caroma: Made for Life

Introducing the reimagined Caroma
Made for Life

"As a leading Australian brand proudly stocked by The Blue Space for many years, we are excited to share the journey of Caroma's remarkable brand transformation. The iconic Caroma brand, now refreshed and reinvigorated with the new tagline: Caroma - Made For Life. With over 80 years of heritage proudly nestled in Australian bathrooms, Caroma brings a legacy of innovation, sustainability, and quality craftsmanship."

At The Blue Space, we believe in sharing exceptional brands that resonate with our customers' values and aspirations. Caroma embodies this ethos perfectly. Their commitment to creating purpose-built products designed for real people, at all stages and ages of everyday living, perfectly aligns with our mission to provide quality solutions that enrich the lives of our customers. Caroma reaffirms their commitment to serving the diverse needs of customers, from the doers to the dreamers, at every stage of life.

With Caroma, you're not just investing in bathroom fixtures; you're investing in a lifestyle. From timeless classics to cutting-edge innovative design, every Caroma product is meticulously crafted with attention to detail and quality, ensuring a lifetime of reliable performance.

The essence of Caroma remains unchanged: a brand rooted in innovation, sustainability, and heritage. However, their refreshed identity reflects a renewed focus on elevating the bathroom experience for all. With a range of purpose-built products designed to meet the evolving demands of modern living, Caroma continues to set the standard for excellence in bathroom design.

"At The Blue Space, we are delighted to continue our partnership with Caroma and share their inspiring story of transformation with our customers. Explore the Caroma range on The Blue Space website today and discover how these exceptional products can elevate your bathroom experience."

A collection featured around classic designs in a range of on trend colour finishes.

A versatile collection that embodies classic contemporary style with smooth curves and subtle accents.

A collection with a refined, minimalist style; the perfect foundation for any bathroom.

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