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  • Meir X Darren Palmer Range Lustre Bronze

    Meir X Darren Palmer Range

    Meir x Darren PalmerLustre Bronze “It’s a range that epitomises elegance, innovation, and timeless luxury, and issomething I’m incredibly proud of.” Darren Palmer Introducing the Lustre Bronze Range Introducing the captivating Meir Lustre Bronze Collection, a collaboration with renowned designer...

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  • Nero Tapware Colour Story Blog | The Blue Space

    Nero Tapware: A Colour Story

    Nero TapwareA spectrum of style Explore Nero's Colour Story In the realm of interior design, the coloured tapware trend has emerged as a captivating and transformative force. Homeowners are now embracing coloured tapware, offering endless possibilities for creating unique and...

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  • Caroma Made for life - Getting ready in the bathroom

    Caroma: Made for Life

    Introducing the reimagined CaromaMade for Life "As a leading Australian brand proudly stocked by The Blue Space for many years, we are excited to share the journey of Caroma's remarkable brand transformation. The iconic Caroma brand, now refreshed and reinvigorated...

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  • A brand story: Ingrain Bathroom Vanities - The Blue Space

    Ingrain: A Brand Story

    A Brand StoryIngrain "Our mission is to elevate the spaces you inhabit by providing unique and quality products that speak to your individual style." Eco-Friendly Elegance   Ingrain is an Australian owned and locally designed brand that celebrates the beauty...

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  • A guide to shower niches - The Blue Space

    Our Guide to Shower Niches

    Our Guide toShower Niches Shower niches have become a popular trend in recent years and there’s a perfect reason why – they’re practical, yet are a creative and stylish use of space. If you live in a large household, then...

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  • A Brand Story: Momo Handles at The Blue Space

    Momo Handles: A Brand Story

    Momo HandlesA Brand Story Ever Changing Design When it comes to kitchen and cabinet handles, Momo Handles is a brand that should be on your radar. Launched in 2008 with a mission to create a range of handles that were...

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Mirrors at The Blue Space

    The Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Mirrors

    Types of Bathroom Mirrors Mirrors are an essential component in any bathroom as they uniquely transform your space, not only aesthetically but also functionally. They’re useful when it comes to brushing your hair, checking your pearly whites or taking a...

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  • Why we love stone kitchen sinks at The Blue Space

    Why we love Stone Sinks

    Why buy a stone sink? Composite or granite sinks are sometimes referred to as Quartz sinks. Over time these sinks will likely replace stainless steel sinks, particularly for domestic use. They are available in White or Black (aka Onyx or...

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  • Phoenix Tapware Unveils Revolutionary Innovation

    Phoenix Tapware Unveils Revolutionary Innovation

    Phoenix Tapware Unveils a Revolutionary Breakthrough: Redefining Water Flow and Design with Spectacular New Innovation! Phoenix Tapware Unveils Breakthrough Redefining Water Flow and Design with Spectacular New Innovation! Phoenix Tapware LuxeXP™ Collection  The LuxeXP™ spray pattern is a marvel of...

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